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Your Take: Presidential Candidates Releasing Tax Returns

We’re in a funny time period in terms of sports right now. We’re in the second half of Major League Baseball but not yet near the end of the season where we start talking about wildcard berths and division winners. We’re in the off-season of almost every other major sport and so other than the occasional Major in golf and tennis, there isn’t much in terms of major sports events until the Olympics (which only comes by during this time once ever four years). So our only daily sport is politics… fortunately we have some of that gladiatorial combat for us to enjoy with it being a Presidential election year.

So this week’s latest battle involves Mitt Romney’s involvement at Bain, some potentially improper SEC filings by Bain, the Obama campaign calling him out on it, and a revisiting of of Romney refusing to release more than two years of tax returns. It’s all part of the vitriol that is politics in our 24/7 news cycle and mainstream media trying to get as many eyeballs as possible.

The part that I wanted to ask you guys about is the tax returns. Should Romney really have to release more than two years of personal income tax returns? It’s become this thing that’s grown bigger and bigger with each day. Romney made a ton of money, I say good for him, but should he have to lay bare his financial life? Is that fair?

I don’t think it’s fair but that’s what we demand from the people who are seeking our nation’s highest office. You don’t have to release all of your tax returns. You also don’t have to run for President. When you are going for such a high profile position, everyone wants to know everything about you. It’s not fair but it’s the standard.

What do you think?

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