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Promotion: Try Citi IdentityMonitor Trial, Get $25 Cash Back

I was reviewing my Citi credit cards this morning when I saw this banner offer [3]: Get a $25 cash back certificate just for signing up for a thirty day trial of their IdentityMonitor product. What does the offer include?

If you just want a copy of your credit report, I’d recommend avoiding this song and dance and going to AnnualCreditReport.com [4], where you can request a copy of your report for free once a year as mandated by federal law. You don’t have to cancel any memberships to any programs by going that route (but the bureaus will try to upsell you on their products as you request your report).

If you really want identity monitoring services like this, I’d skip this $12.95 service and go with one that offers you a little more hands on service if you ever do have your identity stolen and some insurance as well. I’m not advocating identity theft insurance, read my thoughts and the opinions of others on identity theft insurance [5], but there are better options out there than this offer. IdentityMonitor seems to only alert you of when a theft may occur, doesn’t seem to do much afterwards (I don’t have the service so I don’t know, but none of the bullet points mention it).

The only thing that would concern me about this promotional offer is that there’s no mention of the $25 outside of the graphic on the left of the landing page (nothing in the IdentityMonitor terms and conditions, no mention on the sign up page), so if you do this or have done this offer, please let us know if there are any hiccups we should be aware of.

(Also, if the above link doesn’t work, please let me know… I reached it through a link in my account so it might not be public)