PSA: Print Gas Pump Receipts

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Dimly-Lit Gas StationThis story is one of those “one in a million” type of events but fortunately it worked out in the protagonist’s favor. What happened was that someone was accused of stealing gas, was pulled over 200 yards away from the gas station, but was let off because they had printed the receipt and proved the gas was paid for. The story appeared on the Consumerist today. While everything probably would’ve been OK otherwise, the receipt diffused the situation pretty quickly.

I never print out that receipt. My logic is that I won’t ever need the receipt because I’m not going to return the gas so why waste the paper? Recently I had been printing out receipts to track my gas mileage (I wanted to compare the performance of the car before and after a 60,000 mile tune-up I had done a few weeks ago) but normally I don’t even bother.

This story won’t change my mind about my approach (I still won’t print them out because this is one of those “freak accident” type scenarios) but it certainly gives one pause. You can always recycle it when you get home.

Always Print Your Gas Pump Receipt As Proof Of Purchase [Consumerist]

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10 Responses to “PSA: Print Gas Pump Receipts”

  1. djfarout says:

    I don’t print receipts when I get gas cause I pay by credit card. And a quick phone call to the credit card company would confirm my purchase.

    Now I did have a person pull up right behind me a several years ago and add gas to my bill. So I read somewhere that you should end your gas bill with a set number $xxx.x5 or $xxx.x9 this way people like me who don’t print receipts can verify the charge is correct. It can be a bit extreme but it works!

  2. Kevin says:

    I always print my receipt so I can enter it in Quicken later. That and the gas station I frequent most often prints it automatically and has a little sign that says “If your receipt didn’t print, your purchase did not go through. Please pay cashier inside.”

  3. jim says:

    djfarout: I don’t think it’s extreme, I think it’s cautious and not a bad idea. Sometimes it’s hard to get it to end at a certain digit though. 🙂

  4. Ben says:

    Ha, I always print mine out just to keep the gas stations honest. Make sure my bill matches the amount of gas I put in. Silly habit I know, I guess it does waste paper.

  5. Jeff says:

    I usually end my fill ups on a specific number, usually 5 or 0. It isn’t that hard because once the pump shuts off automatically just “top off” to the next number.

    I have found the free service at a great way to track my mileage and MPG.

  6. I print mine out as an alibi in case I’m ever accused of murder in another part of town. 😉

  7. Glenn Lasher says:

    I do print my receipts, because I pay by debit card and need to enter the correct amount in my cheque register later.

    I do not top off, because you will induce a leak when the fuel expands in your tank. I do, however, round up my entries in my cheque register to the next highest whole dollar, an accounting trick that causes there to build up a cushion in my account averaging 49.5 cents per transaction. It has the same anti-annoyance value, without doing any environmental harm and while saving some money aside.

  8. CK says:

    This article is part of the absurdity of Consumerist. I don’t print my receipt unless I’m figuring the mileage. I like Nickel’s thinking though. 😉

  9. Cap says:

    Their reasoning is a little silly but you should make it a habit to get a receipt. As Ben said, not all gas stations are honest. I was charged $50 (exact amount) once when I only pumped about $4 worth of gas. It was middle of the night and the self-serve terminal was coincidentally out of paper.

    Days later my credit card account showed the $50 charge and Upromise showed that I had pumped 25 or so gallons at the gas station. Quickly disputed of course, but Bank of America eventually determined that it was a point of sale terminal and I didn’t have any proof to what I actually pumped or didn’t pumped (no receipt).

    The whole thing was pretty annoying…

  10. EN says:

    Hmm…I never gave much thought to it actually. I just print them out of habit and just so I can double check with my CC bill online later. I guess it’s just my mentality of getting receipts for everything just in case.

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