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PSA: Print Gas Pump Receipts

This story is one of those “one in a million” type of events but fortunately it worked out in the protagonist’s favor. What happened was that someone was accused of stealing gas, was pulled over 200 yards away from the gas station, but was let off because they had printed the receipt and proved the gas was paid for. The story appeared on the Consumerist today. While everything probably would’ve been OK otherwise, the receipt diffused the situation pretty quickly.

I never print out that receipt. My logic is that I won’t ever need the receipt because I’m not going to return the gas so why waste the paper? Recently I had been printing out receipts to track my gas mileage (I wanted to compare the performance of the car before and after a 60,000 mile tune-up I had done a few weeks ago) but normally I don’t even bother.

This story won’t change my mind about my approach (I still won’t print them out because this is one of those “freak accident” type scenarios) but it certainly gives one pause. You can always recycle it when you get home.

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