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Q&A with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet via FORTUNE

Don’t miss this article, a Q&A with $91 billion in net worth: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: The $91 Billion Conversation [3]. This is an interview following a Q&A the two had with 2,000 extremely lucky participants at University of Nebraska’s Lied Auditorium, the first since the two did it in 1998 at the University of Washington. I’ve hit up some highlights of the five page article below.

The first question is the best book they’ve read recently…

When asked about the S&P 500 in 5 years, both agreed it would likely return under 10% a year.

Both are concerned about the ballooning U.S. trade deficit.

And their favorite desert at a Berkshire subsidiary, Dairy Queen, differs when faced to choose between the Dilly Bar or the Blizzard. Buffett prefers the Blizzard and Gates the Dilly Bar.

There are many other topics covered such as inheritances and philanthropy, it’s an interesting and quick read. The interplay between the two men is very entertaining too.