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Qualities of Recession Proof Jobs

Do you know what the top ten recession proof jobs are? According to Laurence Shatkin, author of150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs [3], they are:

  1. Computer systems analysts
  2. Network systems and data communications analysts
  3. Network and computer systems administrators
  4. Registered nurses
  5. Teachers, postsecondary
  6. Physical therapists
  7. Physicians and surgeons
  8. Dental hygienists
  9. Pharmacists
  10. Medical and health services managers

Unfortunately, the list itself is useless. It’s useless because we’re already in a recession. The people who are looking for jobs can’t switch careers on a whim. The people who are working aren’t going to quit their jobs for a “recession proof” job. In that respect, they’re useless because you can’t act on it. Fortunately, you can learn something from it.

What can we learn from this list? They are all jobs that are in high demand in industries that are crucial to our lives. With the exception of teachers, the rest are in either the information technology/computer systems fields or health/human systems fields. Those jobs are in support of systems that we all need in our daily lives. If you’re sick and financially strapped, you cut other things before you stop going to a clinic. Most companies can’t survive without their computer systems, so people go before the servers.

Another lesson? These are all specialized careers. You can’t pull a random person off the street and expect them to competently perform any one of the ten jobs. When you have a limited supply of potential employees, the value of those employees goes up. If you’re in retail, you’re in trouble because anyone can fold shirts, flip burgers, or take an order at a register with minimal training.

If you’re at a point where you can pick a career, try to pick one that will always be in demand and requires a more specialized skill-set because it will help ensure your future employment.