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QueerCents New Authors Allison & Audrey

When Nina [3], Caitlin [4], and Dawn [5] embarked to start a collaborative blogging site for the gay and lesbian market called QueerCents [6], I wished the best of luck. Unfortunately, Caitlin soon had to bow out from the site (according to Nina, maybe there was a brutally vicious internal power struggle, but I really doubt that), and so QueerCents was left with only two writers instead of three.

Well, again no one kept me in the loop about this (though it is 7am and a link from Nina’s review of Invest in your Nest pulled me to the site) but it looks like they added two new authors earlier this month [7]: Allison Einbinder and Audrey Dundee Hannah. And, best of all, based on tiny half inch by half inch blurry black and white pictures taken, they’re smoking hot.

From Allison’s bio page [8]:

Allison Einbinder is a tax preparer and accountant in private practice. She built her business, Dollars and Sense [9] Taxes and Accounting, to help people develop better relationships with their money. Allison offers tax solutions, financial savings, and peace of mind in a non-judgmental atmosphere. She specializes in helping new business owners and young businesses establish solid financial systems.

And let’s not forget Audrey [10]:

What Jackie of all trades doesn’t need to be thrifty and crafty? Self-employed Audrey is hired to act, do voiceovers, model, design, sew, write, teach, cook, pet-sit, give massage, and read astrology charts. With such changeable income, she searches far and wide to make sure she can glam up in beehives and platforms or paste on a mustache and hit the town without giving up all the contents of her Hello Kitty wallet.

Update: Turns out there were actually three bloggers added but I missed the third because he didn’t have a picture. His name is Peter and he’s from Poland:

Peter was born in Poland, and has lived in France before immigrated to the United States 20 years ago and has lived in Chicago. Working in the hospitality industry, Peter has also written for various publications. He lives with his partner of two years, a UCC-seminarian/theologian.