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Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual by Bonnie Biafore

Quicken 2009: The Missing Manual by Bonnie Biafore [3] is part of the O’Reilly Missing Manual series and focuses on the popular personal finance application – Quicken 2009.

I’m not a Quicken junkie by any means but I have no idea how people were able to figure things out about Quicken before a book like this. Quicken has grown to be a very complicated and powerful personal finance tool if you know how to use it. Personal finance, in some respects, is complicated and so it’s understandable that a tool used to track your own finances would need to be equally complicated in order to be useful. What’s amazing about this missing manual is that it explains how to complete complex tasks with ease. It really lives up to its billing as a missing manual.

The book utilizes a lot of screenshots in its instructions (unfortunately, they are in black and white) on how to complete things so it’ll be difficult for me to pull out an examples to show you. I’m certain that if you were to visit your local bookstore, you’d probably find it there and can flip through it yourself.

As a testament to both Quicken and Bonnie, this book is remarkably specific in what it explains. Just looking at the Investment chapter, which is about 70 pages of the 550 pages, there are instructions on how to record stock splits, dividend reinvestments, mergers, acquisitions, stock options, etc. All those complicated situations that probably happen once or twice a year (perhaps not dividend reinvestments) that I would normally just figure out a hack for are explained very clearly in the book.

I think that if you want to get the most out of Quicken and don’t want to resort to little hacks, you’ll want to have this book by your side. I’m not a Quicken power user so I can’t really speak to the full utility of the book but I’ve always found O’Reilly books to be extremely valuable in almost any technical realm.

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