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Quicken Online Review

Quicken Online [3] is now absolutely free, joining the pantheon of free online personal finance management applications (we reviewed Mint [4] recently too). Until Monday (October 13th), Quicken Online had a free trial offer month and then was $2.99 a month. With the recent competition, I’m not surprised that they made the service absolutely free.

I was able to shortcut the account sign up process because I used TurboTax in the past. If you were a previous Quicken Online or TurboTax customer (or any other online Intuit product customer), you can use your login to sign up for Quicken Online.

For the most part, it seems a lot like every other available personal finance management tool. You can pull in your account data automatically (It appears that Quicken uses the same security precautions as Mint, according to the information they provide on their privacy page [5]) and categorize your purchases according to your needs.

Quicken Beam

Quicken Beam [6] is a cool little feature that lets you check your account balances from your phone. I didn’t try it out but here’s the FAQ [7] for it.

Why Quicken Online?

With little differentiation, why sign up for this service over the others? Brand name and cross compatibility with other Quicken products. With the brand name, you have some assurances that if there is a problem with security, you have some financial recourse. Many of the other management software companies are VC funded.

I don’t know how Quicken Online plugs into other services but it would be useful if it could do things like auto populate 1099-INT fields and any capital gains/losses into TurboTax. I’m sure something like that is coming in the future, if it’s not in there already, and that’s certainly a strong reason to use Quicken Online. Plus, it’s free!

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