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Quitters Win, Loyalists Exploited

My friend Miller sent out an email to a bunch of his friends from work (where I used to work) with a revelation he had regarding how long it would take for someone who stayed at a job (a non-quitter) to catch up to someone who left that job (a quitter) for greener pastures. The average raise at my former employer was approximately 4%, which is a pittance compared to the generally accepted historical inflation rate of 3%, and a source of ire amongst many of the young professionals at the company. So, after a recent rash of departures (a count of approximately 50 folks we all personally knew and who joined within the last years), people started playing with numbers to see how long it would take for a non-quitter to reach the same point, salary-wise, as someone who quit. So, what did my friend Miller conclude?

Quitters win because they get salary increases with each move and loyalists are exploited far worse than they recognize, especially when inflation is considered.