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What do rappers invest in? Judging by their lyrics, gold and deposits

Rap Genius, a one-stop shop for annotated rap lyrics, released a tool that allows you to search their entire archive of rap lyrics for certain words or phrases [3].

Being the type of person who looks to rap for insights on finance [4], the first thing I did was plug in different types of investments to see which ones rappers preferred, or at least rapped about.

Judging by the amount of times they mention them in their songs, the No. 1 asset class rappers invest in is precious metals. Gold was by far the most popular term among those I’d consider mainstream investments (no wine, art or stuff like that).

After gold came the rest, which you can see in the chart below.

Rappers seem to favor deposits, followed by stocks. Real estate was popular in the golden age of hip-hop, but has since fallen off to the same level as bonds and venture capital (“startup”). Hedge funds are barely on rappers’ radar, which is good since most of them aren’t great investments anyway.

What does this all mean? If rappers are putting their investing dollars where their mouths are, they probably need to diversify, especially since deposits are barely paying anything and gold doesn’t produce cash flows at all. It also probably means I need to get out more.

What do you think? Are you investing your portfolio based on rap lyrics, or is that just me?

(Photo: Flickr user AZAdam)