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Read These Posts or You’ll Be Poor Forever

Heed my warning, read these posts. 🙂

For those of you with little ones on their way to college, FMF has a very good post about how you can save big money by getting good grades [3]. If you are angling to save a few bucks but don’t have kids (smart move!), Nickel’s been looking at how to reduce his electrical usage and talks about a switch that lets the electricity company throttle your demand [4] (and save you some bucks). If that’s too big brother-esq for your liking, MBH writes about his latest finds at some garage sales [5].

On the investment front, JLP has reviewed the [6] Grangaard Strategy by Paul Grangaard [7] (clever name for the strategy!). Also on the topic of investment, Flexo writes about four mental mistakes in investing [8], all of which I have made and will probably make a couple more times.