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Read These Posts or You’ll Lose All Of Your Money

Read these or 419 Nigerian ninjas will empty your bank account. While you sleep. Don’t say I didn’t warn you (in case you didn’t know, Nigerian 419 scams are those scams where someone basically wants you to launder an insane amount of money but what happens is they steal all of your money because you’re a sucker for believing a stranger really wants to share billions upon trillions with you, random internet person):

Nickel has an interesting post about pre-paid legal plans [3]. One of my employers had a prepaid legal plan benefit that I never signed up for because I didn’t think I’d use it and in the year I was around when it was available, I never needed or wanted to consult with a legal professional. I suppose though it’s like accidental death & dismemberment insurance, you don’t really hope to ever need it but if you do you’ll be glad you got it.

JLP has a recap of a Smart Money article about how to save 50% on everything [4], some good tips in there worth checking out.

FMF reviewed The Entrepreneur Next Door [5] and was surprised he liked it.

Flexo brings up a correct but scary point about how 0% balance transfers might get you on the fed’s watchlist [6]. I’ve known that large deposits will usually get you some extra scrutiny but naively never thought the word terrorism would be involved. A scary thought.

MBH has some thoughts about how to save money when cleaning your carpet [7].

LAMoneyGuy warns about the dangers of ARMs [8]… while this warning is like your mom telling you not to play with matches when the drapes are on fire, it’s still a useful post to read from a usually insightful blogger.

Nick writes about how hotels are responding to the ‘no liquids on flights’ security ban by increasing how many toiletries they give [9], they’re looking to replace the items passengers are dumping. This is a smart move by hotels considering the sample-size products are dirt cheap and how happy customers will be.