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Reading NASDAQ Ticker Symbols

Unlike the other exchanges, all the tickers on a NASDAQ have four letter codes (unless they have five!) If a stock traded on the fifth letter, it means that the company has different types of shares, that fifth letter carries a special meaning and today I saw an article by the Motley Fool on the front page of Yahoo Finance! that only pointed out what some of the more common ones are and what they mean… but that’s not good enough. I want to know them all! 🙂

After a little bit of digging, which led to Nasdaq’s glossary page [3], I found all of them. Here is the complete list (with minor editing):

So for example, if you look at the ticker for Comcast (CMCSA [4]), the fifth letter is A so CMCSA are the Class A shares of Comcast Corporation. If you check out ACS Motion Control Ltd (ACSEF [5]), a component of the Nasdaq, you’ll see that it’s located in Israel.