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Are You Ready for Doomsday? Bunkers on Sale Now!

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Not too long ago, CNN Money posted a story on the increase in sales of bunkers. Doomsday bunkers have increased in sales anywhere from 20% to 1,000%, depending on the company. These bunkers are designed to provide a safe place for inhabitants in the event of an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, nuclear holocaust or other disaster.

On top of selling bunkers to individual families, apparently one company (Vivos) has five bunkers that can hold 200 people. Their super project, though, designed to hold 950 people, and offer a number of amenities for a year, is already seeing some interest. You can reserve a spot in this bunker to be build under Nebraska for a cool $5,000 a person. Of course, you are supposed to pay the remainder of the $25,000 fee when the bunker is complete and you have been on a tour of the site.

Of course, you don’t have to spend $25,000 a person to reside in someone else’s bunker. (Besides, how would you get there in the event of the Apocalypse?) You can buy your own bunker for anywhere between $500 and $20 million, depending on the types of disasters you want to withstand, as well as how roomy and comfortable you want it to be. And, of course, you can prepare in advance by stocking your shelter with a number of supplies.

What to Include in Your Survival Bunker

Whether you build your own bunker, buy a bunker, or just get together some basic supplies for emergency preparedness, there are some things to consider. Some basic items might include:

  • Water container: Choose one that is rated for water storage. You can find collapsible water containers. You can find water containers that hold as little as 10 gallons, or get those that hold 250 or 500 gallons — or more.
  • Generator: You can find generators for a relatively low cost. You can get a smaller generator to power a bunker or small shelter, or you can choose a larger generator, meant to keep your home going. It is also possible to make your home a little less dependent on the power company with the help of geothermal, wind and solar systems. (Still eligible for a big tax break.) It can also help to have alternate cooking choices/heat options, such as camp stoves and grills.
  • Food: Use some of your home food storage to stock your shelter, or keep some of it in an accessible place. Non-perishables, including canned and dried fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, and other staples can be good to have on hand in any case, no matter what emergency you are preparing for.
  • Sanitary items: Be sure to stock up on personal hygiene and sanitary items. Water purification tablets, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hygiene items and other products designed to help you remain clean and sanitary are a good idea. Also include basic First Aid items like disinfectant, anti-bacterial cream, sterile bandages, and splints.
  • Light sources: Candles, flashlights and oil lamps can be good choices. Our power was out for a few hours recently; the crank LED lantern was great. A crank flashlight, lantern, and/or radio are great additions, since you don’t have to rely on batteries.
  • Extra clothes: Stock your bunker or shelter with blankets and extra clothes for warmth. You can also look into sleeping bags, thermal blankets and other options that can help protect you from the elements.

Finally, if you are the doomsday type that wants to be prepared for any occasion, you can get hunting knives, bayonets, and guns (with extra ammo) to ensure that you can obtain food through hunting or protect what’s yours.

Would consider setting up a bunker? What would you put in it?

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26 Responses to “Are You Ready for Doomsday? Bunkers on Sale Now!”

  1. billsnider says:

    Man did not evolve to be locked away for a year. That is why trips to Mars and stuff like this is folly.

    I do remember being a young boy growing up in NY City. We would have nuclear bomb drills. We were taught to get under our desks and to look away from the window. Looking back I realize that was a waste of time.

    Bill snider

    • Shirley says:

      I remember the “Duck and Cover” drills here in Calif too. As far as a ‘waste of time’ goes, we may see it that way now only because hindsight is 20/20. It was probably right for the knowledge available at that time.

    • LGS says:

      Waste of time maybe, but scary as hell when I think about it now!

  2. Debrajoy says:

    …”Finally, if you are the doomsday type that wants to be prepared for any occasion, you can get hunting knives, bayonets, and guns (with extra ammo) to ensure that you can obtain food through hunting or protect what’s yours.”

    hhmmm~ there is just So much Wrong with This type of “preparedness Planning” ~ I won’t even take time to expound…. except to say, I’m sure all the American Extreme Militia types (with Tea Party neurons) are right there ~ and I sure wouldn’t want to be in any place near them ~ Doomsday or not! (see article in TIME mag (Oct,11, 2010 issue for some reference)(imho)

    • NateUVM says:

      Debra – I Certainly don’t consider myself to be any sort of extreme militia type or a member of any tea party (for instance, I believe in the English language, and as such, have come to the conclusion that the 2nd Amendment does NOT guarantee any layperson the right to a gun…different topic, though).

      However… Say the apocalypse were to fall upon us and society, as we know it, fell away. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture a deer, or even a squirrel without having to chase it?

      And then there’s protection… Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to protect yourself should there be a passing gang of extreme militia types?

  3. Neal says:

    I would build a huge bunker that would hold all the wack jobs who consider or build bunkers. Once filled, we would lock this from the outside, and the nation would be better for it.

  4. daenyll says:

    in true doomsday spirit 😛 … don’t forget vitamins and nutritional supplements to go with your first aid and meds, handy when you’re not sure just what kind of diet (or how long between meals) you’ll get.

    And just because there are those of us who feel the need to at least know what to do in the event of a real disaster/survival situation doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of nuts. I just happen to be a science fiction fan, enjoy the outdoors and have a healthy respect for the fact that shit happens.

    … societies fall, there’s big ass storms, tectonic movements, volcanoes, ice ages!, huge falling rocks!!!(sorry getting carried away) We’re a relatively young species and this earth has seen many a creature die out when she throws out a curve ball. Darwin works.

  5. zapeta says:

    I’m not ready for doomsday, but we do keep a disaster stash in the house that would be enough for us to survive for 3 days if something happened. Even if a large disaster doesn’t directly impact you, it may take 3 days to be able to get fresh water and more supplies.

  6. Shirley says:

    We could easily survive on what we have on hand for a minimum of 10 days and most likely 20 days. If a disaster comes along to necessitate more than that, it’s probably going to be so calamitous that we won’t want to hang around anyway.

    • Strebkr says:

      I have to agree with Shirley here. We probably have enough in our house at any given time to go a week. Anything longer then that and we would probably want to leave anyways.

  7. skylog says:

    i just have to question how a bunker helps in some of these instances…i mean, i suppose if there is a nuclear attack, ok, i buy it. “maybe” it helps you, “maybe” it doesn’t. short term, tornado, yes.

    that said, flood? tsunami? earthquake? i just think there is limited utility gained. perhaps i just do not have the right mindset. i agree more with what a few others have said here. i would like to have a smallish stash of some food, water and some other essentials to last for a somewhat extended period.

  8. JuicyG says:

    In the case of a total economic meltdown it`s very likely these amenities would help.

    Chances are though it won`t happen and US will go through a recession similar to what UK experienced a few decades ago.

    Also worth considering that countries like Switzerland(far from having hillbillies)had mandatory law forcing everyone to construct houses with atomic shelters. In Switzerland all ex military are given weapons by the government that they stash at home.

  9. milksteak says:

    LOL they aren’t bunkers, they are called vaults like vault 101. where i am from vault 108 vault 3 they make u were vault specific jumpsuits and they have overseers

  10. Lan says:

    I find it odd that people are calling these types of people “militia” and “tea party” type when the ultra rich are know to be doing the same exact thing. Doomsday Seed Vault anyone? The same people calling out the ants, ie doomsday preppers, are the grasshoppers that won’t last long to help rebuild the society in case/IF something catastrophic, God forbid, were to happen.

  11. Bill says:

    I want to build a doomsday bunker. Sounds like an awesome project. I would make it into a man-cave which would suffice to be locked in for a year or so. Although a year supply of beer may be a tough sell to the wife.

    • Butch says:

      BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,Im at your bunker door.GO away you say…I say set food out or i weld the door shut?//SO MUCH FOR THE BUNKER IDEA!
      p.s. got a fresh air vent?

  12. bignate says:

    First of all from research i see that bunkers or vaults they call em’ are very expensive and God forbid that shit happens because with out the added protection from fall out we are pretty much doomed people and the rich folks arent gonna spare any room for the poor but i betcha when the shit is over half the population every where is going to be wiped out and thats just the facts we are all doomed sounds fucked up but just think about it how the hell can we afford that shit i’s wrong and they know it ol’e rich ass heartless uptight bastards! God be with us all.

  13. Jake E says:

    Better get ready for when the S**T hits the fan or you will be left behind.

    • Rich says:

      I agree, and see this and hear this often that they dont agree, but studies show 52% of all Americans are preparing in one way or another for the worst case scenario. And over 60% of Americans believe something can and will happen from an emp, to an economic collapse, even as far as a Chinese invasion. I for one have a bunker built at an affordable price. shipping containers reinforced and burried surrounded by almost 3 feet of concrete. soon putting in air filtration and water recycling. No its not a missile silo but it will sustain my family from everything but a direct hit. Im a former Navy E5 and hold a saying very close, “Not to plan IS to plan to FAIL”

  14. Shelley Braun says:

    I’m ready to Get-Er-Done!

  15. exicutioner says:

    If the only people that have bunkers are the rich uptight types, what happens when they come out. Who will rebuild society. They are all stuck up rich folk that don’t know how to rebuild shit. they can just bark orders at the other order barkers.!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone remember the LA riots in the 1990’s ? There is video of family store owners putting up temporary barricades and defending them shelfs from gun carrying mobs. The LA mobs were just pissed off. Think about if they were hungry and there lives depend on it. Remember also the Police/Fire/Ambulance had to pull back and DID NOT help for 2 or 3 days. So Bunker up…… Be prepared .

  17. Anonymous says:

    Preppers aren’t just the “Rich Folks”, most are normal people who simply want to prepare themselves for a point of needing to be self-substaining. Too many in our society blame the rich for their own situations while they have their hands out demanding to be taken care of. If you don’t want to keep supplies on hand to care for yourself, don’t, but don’t go to the homes of those who have and expect them to hold your hand and feed you. The grasshopper and the ant were a wonderful analogy to point to here.

  18. Matt says:

    I wonder what effect if all of this stupid spending has on our economy, anyone have a figure?

  19. Matthew Mee says:

    Idk about you guys but I have already got the land and all of my supplies ready and I’m only 14 we’ve got 12 members that are living on another peice of land you all better start preparing!!!

  20. art m says:

    all this talk about whats coming our way and every body knows what the government is doing to make sure only the rich have a safe place to go” people buying bunkers and what not ” and some just don’t really care and if they do ” but feel that there’s nothing they can do any ways so they just become arrogant ” but in reality if the government knows and can take money out of every bodies pay checks and use it to make all this prisons and pay for all this unnecessary wars and bail all this banks out of death make top secret bunkers and what not why can’t they use the money to make some thing for all the tax payers to go in case of a dooms day event im sure there’s enough metal to recycle to build something in every city ! just a thought !! no comments plz

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