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Are You Ready for Doomsday? Bunkers on Sale Now!

Not too long ago, CNN Money [3] posted a story on the increase in sales of bunkers. Doomsday bunkers have increased in sales anywhere from 20% to 1,000%, depending on the company. These bunkers are designed to provide a safe place for inhabitants in the event of an earthquake, tornado, tsunami, nuclear holocaust or other disaster.

On top of selling bunkers to individual families, apparently one company (Vivos) has five bunkers that can hold 200 people. Their super project, though, designed to hold 950 people, and offer a number of amenities for a year, is already seeing some interest. You can reserve a spot in this bunker to be build under Nebraska for a cool $5,000 a person. Of course, you are supposed to pay the remainder of the $25,000 fee when the bunker is complete and you have been on a tour of the site.

Of course, you don’t have to spend $25,000 a person to reside in someone else’s bunker. (Besides, how would you get there in the event of the Apocalypse?) You can buy your own bunker for anywhere between $500 and $20 million, depending on the types of disasters you want to withstand, as well as how roomy and comfortable you want it to be. And, of course, you can prepare in advance by stocking your shelter with a number of supplies.

What to Include in Your Survival Bunker

Whether you build your own bunker, buy a bunker, or just get together some basic supplies for emergency preparedness [4], there are some things to consider. Some basic items might include:

Finally, if you are the doomsday type that wants to be prepared for any occasion, you can get hunting knives, bayonets, and guns (with extra ammo) to ensure that you can obtain food through hunting or protect what’s yours.

Would consider setting up a bunker? What would you put in it?