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Regular and Stretch Goals for 2007

Last year, around this time, I didn’t do much goal setting and so I never really had much of a benchmark to judge my performance against. That being said, had I set goals for 2006 I probably would’ve shattered them because many of the things in my life, both financial and otherwise (though here we’ll only focus on the monetary ones, this is a personal finance blog after all), have exceeded my expectations on a daily basis.

So, what are some of my/our goals for this year?

Now, if you have regular goals, you need to have stretch goals that you really really want to get but may be a little out of reach (or out of scope)… so here are a couple of my/our stretch goals.

We’ll have to take a six month look at this and see how we’re progressing, but I believe the regular goals are reachable, the stretches may be… well, a stretch. I’d claim victory if we knocked out a couple of those.