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Remember to Cancel Citi Credit Protector

If anyone signed up for Citi Credit Protector for that $100 gas certificate promotion [3] I mentioned last month, I wanted to remind you that the free trial month is almost up and that you should probably get onto canceling it. I just called them up at 1-800-380-8556 to cancel yesterday and it took about ten minutes to complete.

The number above is the Citi Credit Protector enrollment line but the letter that was mailed to me had 1-888-592-7344 as the customer service line, which may get you to a cancellation faster. Either way, when you talk to the representative, just realize that they’ll try three times to get you to stay. Don’t take it personally, they’re not trying to be a pain… it’s just their job. The first try will just be a reiteration of program benefits, followed by a “we’ll just keep it on.” Just say no thanks, don’t be offended by their forwardness and presumptuousness (as if you signed up for the benefits in the first place). Following your “no thank you,” the representative will probably say something entirely inappropriate like “I understand what you’re saying… but…” as if they were following a script, that’s because they are. Then go into how cheap your plan is and how they can make it cheaper. Just say no thanks because you honestly can’t beat $0, which is exactly how much I’d be willing to pay for the service. Then, be prepared for the ever tempting offer of some special benefit involving you going to graduate school full time and them waiving two payments – following that third “no thanks” they will finally cancel you. If you’re in a particular rush, you can interrupt them before they finish the whole thing with a staccato “no thanks.”

And remember to mail in that gas certificate.