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Rent Redbox Movies for Free: Referral Programs, Promotion Codes

Ever since I signed up Netflix, the number of movies I’ve rented has gone down significantly. When I do, it’s usually from a Redbox kiosk. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I rented a movie that wasn’t from a Redbox (it was probably in high school, when Blockbuster still existed and was charging $4.99 a night!). More recently, I’ve been looking into Redbox again since Netflix changed their pricing structure and we opted to get only the Instant offerings, which usually don’t include new release DVDs.

We used Redbox a lot because we knew it was easy to find Redbox promotion codes [3]. Even if we didn’t have a promo code, movies are only a dollar a day and we have multiple kiosks in the area, some within walking distance. Even if they are just a dollar a day, there’s something fun about getting it for free. I’ll explain how you can still get movies for free off Redbox.

Redbox Referral Program

Redbox has been running a referral program for quite some time and you can sign up for it here [4]. They will send you a unique URL that, if your friends use it, will give you credits for free Redbox movie rentals. If it’s the first time they’ve rented a Redbox movie online, they’ll get a credit for a free night too. You’ll get an email whenever someone signs up and when a credit is deposited, then you’ll have ten days to use it.

Promotion Codes

Promotion codes are the next best way to get free movie rentals from Redbox and you can get them in one of two ways. First, you can register with Redbox [5] and they may send you SMS or email messages with promotional code.

There is, however, a better way – promo code sharing websites. My favorite code sharing website is Inside RedBox [6] because they update their codes and tell you which ones have been successfully (and unsuccessfully) used.

Finally, with these promotion codes, you can usually use the code once per credit or debit card.

Enjoy the movies!

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