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Request USPS Hold Mail Service Online

Did you know that you can request to have your mail held through a form online? I had no idea! This saved me a trip to the post office (and a 15 minute wait in the line that is always there regardless of what time I go).

You can get same day service if you submit it by 2:00 AM CST! The service is limited to certain zip codes but fortunately mine was included. Scratch that one off my list of errands today.

Online services FTW!

Going away for a while? Request Hold Mail for the time you’re gone, and we’ll keep your mail safely at the local Post Officeâ„¢ until you return. Schedule the service up to 30 days in advance, or by 2AM CST (Mon-Sat) on the start date. Each address can have one Hold Mail scheduled at a time. All mail will be held, rather than an individual’s mail.

One word of warning, you may not be able to use this at some ZIP Codes so check availability first (unfortunately, that means filling out every field in the first box).

USPS Hold Mail Service Form [3]