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Requested Balance Transfer from “Closed” AT&T Universal Card Account

I was checking my credit card accounts when I popped my head into my AT&T Universal Card account, which was unceremoniously closed on June 30th [3], and saw that the balance was paid off in full. Nothing online indicated that the card had been closed so I thought to myself, I could put my balance to good use by requesting a balance transfer. In the past, I’ve tried to load up the balance transfer request page after I had maxxed out the card (with a balance transfer of course) and it’s told me, in bright red letters, that I had an insufficient balance to load up that page. I figured if AT&T Universal didn’t want me to have a transfer, especially since the card was allegedly closed, then they’d let me know before I could request it… guess not!

I was able to request a balance transfer for my full credit line without a problem. Now, the checks don’t arrive for usually three or four days so I’ll have to wait until then to find out if I have a 0% balance transfer for the next 12 months… didn’t hurt to try!