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Requested My First Balance Transfer

I signed up for both the Citi mtvU [3] and the Citi Professional [4] card a month or so ago and a few days ago I requested my first balance transfer check from mtvU to begin the 0% balance transfer arbitrage “game.” [4]

One quick tip… always initiate the request online because if you call them they might tell you they can’t send you a check and you’ll have wasted a good thirty minutes of your life waiting and thirty good brain cells navigating those stupid menus. Just login online and look for the menu choice “Manage My Account,” go to “Balance Transfers,” then Request Transfer(s), and follow the easy to navigate menus. Be sure to double check that there are no finance fees assessed.

Giddiyup and good luck!

(anyone have any tips or suggestions about 0% BT’s that I should know?)