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Your Take: Restaurant Week!

Today marks the first day of Baltimore’s Restaurant Week (and the second week of Howard County’s Farm 2 Table Restaurant Week), and an opportunity for diners to try out nice restaurants at a discount price. I didn’t know the history of Restaurant Week (that it was started by Joe Baum and Tim Zagat in 1992 in NYC [3]) but I’m glad the idea caught on and expanded!

If you don’t know what this is, Restaurant Week is where restaurants offer a fixed price menu at a discount. Do a search of restaurant week and your city or county to see if there’s one going on near you. Every year, we try to make it out to one new restaurant during the week in order to try something new. There are plenty of restaurants out there and being able to dine at a discount is a great way to see if we like a place without committing too much money. We also tend to visit an old favorite or two simply because the prices are often very good.

We’ve had good experiences and bad experiences (at one steakhouse, the meal took almost three hours and my dessert of a cheesecake came out half melted) but overall we’ve been pleased to be introduced to some fine restaurants. It makes for a nice date night!

What do you think about restaurant weeks? Fad? Marketing gimmick? Or do you enjoy them?

(Credit: lennard2305 [4])