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Retirement Account Rollovers Liquidate Your Holdings

Ever since I left my job, I’ve been contemplating rolling over my 401k into an IRA (and then perhaps to a Roth IRA, or just leaving it in the IRA) and came to a realization that if you roll over your account, all of your 401k’s holdings will be liquidated. This isn’t a huge revelation, because you can reach it by realizing that your current brokerage will be sending your new brokerage a check, but it’s something I didn’t even really think about when I was researching the process.

This usually isn’t a big deal if you’re invested in mutual funds (and have no psychological attachment to them and their valuations), part of my 401k is locked up in stock positions that are currently in the red (about -4%). So, do I really want to rollover the 401k now or wait until the position improves?

I’m going to let it sit because I have no real pressing need to rollover my assets. The account is still performing well, the funds are up, and I’m happy with the fees and the services in general.