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Don’t Rev Your Engine Constantly at the Red Line

At around this time, you might be wondering – who is this Larry Chiang guy?

I read his Taking Two Down the aisle [3] a couple years ago and wrote about how great the idea was [4]. We got to talking over Twitter every once and a while, I met him at Finovate NY, and I’ve liked the guy ever since. I swear his mind runs at 7,000 RPM because his sheer output of ideas is incredible and I don’t understand half of them. The ideas I do understand are gems. For example, his idea of getting towed twice a year [5] is another one that I liked (enough to make a video about it!).

The (new) gem out of this morning’s post was the idea that you can’t “rev your engine constantly at the red line.” It’s a simple analogy for work life balance except it focuses on work balance. Look around you at the people who look older than they should, the ones with too much stress and not enough life, and they’re likely folks with poor work life balance. The ones who look ancient, they have poor work balance.

I like the 70-20-10 rule – 70% necessary work, 20% invested time, and 10% donated time. You can make the splits whatever you want but the key is that you achieve that balance. You can’t survive, let alone thrive, if you’re running on overdrive all the time. There’s a reason why Presidents age so much in office. 🙂

Larry wants to hear your reaction to this idea – tweet him @6502838008.

While we’re talking his ideas, I think paying kids to take basic financial education is a good idea.