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Review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, Jr.

Dave Ramsey has helped many Americans turn their financial lives around with his cash based approach to money. Can’t pay cash? Then Ramsey says you can’t afford it. His debt snowball turned typical financial wisdom around, urging consumers to pay off their smallest debts first rather than the one with the highest interest rate.

However, Dave Ramsey intends to help more than just American adults. With his Financial Peace, Jr. kit, targeted for children ages 3 to 12, he seeks to also educate children about finances.

My son was a spendthrift who begged for money all the time, so one step we took, in addition to making him work for his money [3], was to buy him Financial Peace, Jr. Overall, I highly recommend the kit, especially for kids ages 6 to 9, but it does have some downsides.

The kit includes:



If you would like to teach your children how to manage their money responsibly, Financial Peace Jr. may be the right tool. Combined with a discussion with you after listening to the CD together, your children will have a better grasp of giving, saving and spending as well as saving up money for something like the state fair, which is an example on one of the CDs. Overall, both my son and

I recommend this kit, especially if your kids are ages 6 to 9.