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Review Your Feedburner Ad Network Info

All you folks who use Feedburner and have joined their Feedburner Ad Network, double check your information because there was a mistake in my information. Instead of containing my name, taxpayer ID, and other assorted information – it contained Five Cent Nickel’s [3] (I signed up and immediately told him about it, so that’s possibly where the mixup was). Now, being the nice guy that I am, I’m not going to sign up for half a dozen credit cards and hopefully whoever has my information doesn’t sign up for half a dozen cards either.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, if you have a Feedburner account and fit their criteria, you can join the network if you click on the Monetize tab. You fill out some information, similar to what any affiliate network asks for, and in I suppose a day or so they let you know more information. I only started putting ads on today so I have no idea how it’ll perform.

Does this mean full feeds for me because I now have advertisements in the feed? Alas, no, the reason why I have summary feeds (which contain a lot of the post) is because I’m being scraped by a bunch of splogs and I don’t have the energy or desire to email people who are just going to ignore me. If you’re a frequent commenter, email me and I’ll gladly give you the full feed URL (which does not have advertisements).

Thanks for understanding!