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Rich People Are Crazy!

Imagine that you just bought a $16M home… it’s gorgeous, idyllic, and 99.99999% of all human beings on the planet would do anything to be able to live in a home like that. Now imagine that you just submitted a request to the Preservation Division in your town for permission to demolish that home. That’s right… demolish it. Stop imagining it because John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, has done just that [3].

But wait, there’s more. Now imagine that you’re a little puppy that’s been living the high life. It’s a life that most human beings would trade their left arm for… now imagine that your benefactor has passed away and has left you twelve million dollars. That’s right. Oh yeah, your name is Trouble [4] and that’s exactly what happened. Leona Helmsley left her dog Trouble exactly twelve million dollars. Two of her grandkids got nothing.

Okay okay, just when you thought rich people weren’t all that crazy… check this out. Mel Gibson bought an island in Fiji and he had an eight lane bowling alley shipped there [5]. Yeah… four lanes just wouldn’t be enough.

But wait there’s more… check out this story about the homes [6] of billionaires. “Perhaps most mind-numbing of all is Baron Capital Management founder Ron Baron’s record-breaking buy this year. In May, Baron paid Adelaide de Menil Carpenter, an heiress to the Schlumberger oil fortune, $103 million for a 40-acre property in East Hampton, N.Y., shattering the previous residential record held by Ron Perelman, who sold a Palm Beach estate for $70 million in 2004.” Amazing.

But wait… there’s more! The last one is more of a sad story about Michael Larson. Michael Larson [7] was the guy who figured out the pattern in Press Your Luck and won himself a cool $110,237. You have to read his story, it’s amazing, until you get to the part where he loses it all in a real estate Ponzi scheme and some get rich quick fraud contest involving matching serial numbers on dollar bills. Poor guy. I guess that’s not really a crazy rich story but I wanted to write about it anyway. 🙂