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Roundup: The Internet Is Still A Dangerous Place

Posted By Jim On 08/12/2012 @ 11:24 am In Personal Finance | 3 Comments

Earlier this week, the internet was exploding with the recollection of Mat Honen’s epic hacking [3], Apple and Amazon’s security flaws (which have been fixed), and what people can do to protect themselves. Step one, as always, stronger unique passwords [4]. Step two… two factor authentication… but that’s not the point I wanted to bring up.

As things move towards the cloud and our lives are put more and more online, it’s important to remain vigilant and careful. Honen wasn’t targeted because he was special, important, or rich… he was targeted because he had a three letter Twitter handle.

So be careful out there. And back up everything…

Here are some of this week’s gems:

  • This has nothing to do with personal finance but I find the concept of Scientology absolutely fascinating. Here’s yet another look into [5] the cult of Scientology, courtesy of a member of 32 years who quit two years ago. This one has a lot to do with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and that whole phase. Makes you kind of feel bad for Katie Holmes.
  • Another non-personal finance piece, this time about the massive machine that is the Cheesecake Factory [6]. They serve 80 million people a year and the food is made from scratch (except the cheesecake, made in a factory in California). Stunning.
  • Ever consider making your own lotion [7]? I haven’t… but Elizabeth Lang of Wise Bread shares some recipes.
  • Wonder what an internet sales tax might look like? Look up the Marketplace Fairness Act [8]. Remember all the talk of an “Internet sales tax [9]?” This is what it might look like if you’re curious…

Hope you had a great weekend!

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