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Roundup: Amazing Game Show Moments

If you’ve been surfing the web this week you probably saw this video of this contestant, Caitlin, guessing a puzzle using only one letter:

Esquire profiled [3] her afterwards which included this other fantastic game show gem [4] when Terry Kniess, on The Price is Right, won both showcase showdowns with a perfect guess. (video of his guess after the jump)

If that isn’t enough, all these game show antics reminded me of Ohio native Michael Larson [5] on Press Your Luck in 1984. He hit 35 squares in a row by memorizing the patterns and accumulated $110,237 in about an hour! It’s a fantastic story and you can watch video of it here [6].

Great stuff huh? For more great stuff, here’s this week’s roundup!

Have a great weekend!