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Roundup: Budgets, Banks & Mortgage Companies

As people, we often think we have a good handle on things but, when we finally put pen to paper, we discover we aren’t as informed or accurate as we’d like to believe! David at My Two Dollars recently created their first budget [3] and discovered they were off – by a lot. “It is unbelievable how much money you spend when you start tracking each and every dime! You always think of the big things; rent, mortgage, cars, insurance, food – but what about the incidentals that rarely get included in budgets when you are trying to sort out how much you can spend.”

SVB has a positive bank stock story to tell. Her former employer was one of the still solvent banks and a part of her 401k was held in that bank’s stock. After a 7% jump one day, she decided to sell her entire position [4] in anticipation of a rollover. Since a rollover would result in the sale of all those assets, it’s better to make the decision now rather than let the paperwork do the deciding.

What can you expect if your mortgage company fails [5]? In a nutshell, nothing. Just keep paying and wait for more info.

Lazy Man is still away on vacation traveling the world but I wanted to point you towards a guest post I wrote there about whether you can trust online banks [6]. Funny part about Lazy Man’s vacation is that it comes at a time when the financial world is imploding [7], how inconsiderate of them!

Earlier this week I gave 40 money tips for college students but I wish I saw Broke Grad Student’s post on 10 ways to get free food [8], because then I’d be able to claim fifty money tips!

And last but not least, in the gasoline strapped South, Nickel saved himself a lot of gas just by slowing down [9]. In an totally unscientific study, Nickel found that dropping his speed from 75 to 65 improved his gas mileage by a whopping 28%. Lesson of the day? Drive slower!