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Roundup: Don’t Let Fear Decide

PaidTwice is looking at long term disability insurance [3], a topic I’ve been considering too. One important point she makes in the post has nothing to do with insurance – “… things I don’t know anything about intimidate me.” I’m certain a lot of people feel this way, I know I do, but it’s always important to not let fear make your decisions for you [4]. 🙂

The key to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you burn each day. A side effect is that you spend less money on food [5]! SVB is so right, “we should be investing in our health.”

Ben has a good framework for analyzing whether you should change jobs [6]. Some of the criteria are financial, but it’s not always about the cash.

Lazy Man is helping me be lazy, but highlighting some of the good articles in the July 2008 issue of Money magazine [7]. Next up, straight digital link so I can download it straight to my brain a la Johnny Mnemonic [8].

Time for your mid-year checkup [9]! Jeremy would like you to cough please. Just kidding, he just explains the importance of and what you should be doing in the checkup.

Nickel’s been on a gas saving tear lately, check out his latest gas saving tips [10]. Flexo warns about the wisdom of the crowd [11].

And I leave you on this fine weekend with a solid money hack whenever you rent a car. If you’re doing a one way trip and want to avoid the one-way rental surcharge [12], ask the rental company for a car that’s from the location you’re dropping it off at. It won’t work every time, but you never know.