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Roundup: Ecofriendly Living Is Frugal

David at My Two Dollars posted a great list of twenty-five frugal ways you can reused everyday household items [3] this week. I’ve never thought about soaking wine corks in alcohol to make a fire starter but we are saving our corks to make a bulletin board. David also blogs at a sustainability/environmentalism blog called The Good Human [4].

Financial Ramblings put together an incredible list of personal finance blogs [5] ranked by post frequency, age, and some other facts. I had no idea I put up 72 posts in July, I guess I’ve been keeping myself busy lately! I try to put up at least two posts a day on the weekdays and then some random commentary-type or book review or otherwise entertaining posts on the weekends… but 72 is a ton. Thanks for including me!

SVB has a fun post this week about how much the top bloggers earn [6] – looks like many pull in some decent wages for their work.

Jeremy of GenXFinance has a good suggestion – start your garden projects now [7] while good deals can still be had.

Nickels writes about how safe credit unions are [8], looking at some resources you can use to assess the health of your NCUA-insured CU.

Can you eliminate $500 of expenses each month? [9] It’s a tall order but I’ve talked about looking at your trimmables [10], or things you can live without, while focusing on saving towards a goal [11], rather than just saving for savings sake, as good mechanisms to help you.

Wise Bread contributor Sarah Winfrey wrote about the Pa-doink Principle [12] which is essentially the opposite of the Latte Factor and another name for Snowflaking [13]. The Latte Factor is where you spend small amounts on things that add up, the Pa-doink Principle is where you save small amounts and it adds up. Either way, it’s savings!

Enjoy debts? Trent at The Simple Dollar offers up one of the great debates [14] in personal finance – should you pay off debt or save towards retirement? I say contribute to get the employer match, then pay off debt. You can’t look towards the future until you’ve faced your past. 🙂

The Best Interest Rate Banks blog has a good resource for ABA Routing Codes for Online Banks [15]. Also, Daily Money Hack has a post about a Commerce Bank $10 promotion for book friendly kids [16].

Have a great weekend!