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Roundup: Fake Fancy Wine is Still Fancy

You’ve probably heard of the study [3] where, in a blind taste test, most people can’t tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. In fact, and this is a well know psychological idea, people trick themselves into believing more expensive wines taste better simply because it’s more expensive. I know this is true for me. My palate isn’t as fine tuned and I don’t drink enough wine to be able to tell the difference. I can tell the difference between a $4 bottle and a $12 bottle but I suspect I’d have trouble between a $12 and a $100. I don’t drink a lot of wine and I don’t drink any $100 bottles! (if you’d like to buy me a bottle of wine so we can test this theory, I’m happy to oblige)

But this isn’t a “you’re a fool for buying expensive wine” story, it’s more exciting. It’s about fake wine and Rudy Kurniawan [4]. It’s a fantastic post-mortem about how someone got hooked into a small part of the wine world and tricked them into believing his story. Ahh the perils of the 1% and wine collecting. 🙂 I thought the story was fascinating.

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