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Roundup: FICO vs. FICA, Slicing Up GM

Cap tackles a topic that I think people often get confused – the difference between FICO and FICA [3]. In reality, I don’t think people confuse the two… they confuse FICA for FICO (as Cap explains), experts included. They are as confused as that monkey!

Matt at Steadfast Finances writes a post that I think will probably get him killed in Detroit – Should GM get chopped off like a gangrenous limb? [4] I’m torn about it, on one hand I think we should let free markets run free and companies to fall based on their poor decisions. The financial bailout was palatable for me because their failure would impact regular Americans outside of the financial industry. The Big Three auto companies have known for years that their cars are unpopular and they should’ve been making more fuel efficient vehicles – they ignored the signs. The Prius has been out for many many years, you can’t tell me Ford didn’t have enough time.

Lazy Man asks readers how you should evaluate a gym membership [5]. I like how his first pro was “forced workouts,” I know a lot of people with gym memberships who don’t feel that pro (ever!).

Finally, Consumerist linked to a story about how the government shut down the Liberty dollar [6] (original story at Triple Canopy [7]). The idea of Liberty Dollars is pretty clever though… but I suspect they’re difficult to tax. 🙂