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Roundup: Happiness! XBox 360 Has Returned!

You may remember that I sent out my XBox 360 a few weeks ago because it stopped outputting video. Well, a scant two weeks later I have a brand spanking new XBox 360, manufactured November 5th, back in my hands. I actually got it back earlier this week and with it came a month membership to the online XBox Live Gold, to replace the time I missed by not having an XBox. Those who are on my friends list probably see me playing a whole lot of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [3] because that game is absolutely ridiculous. If you are on XBox Live, shoot me an email [4] and we can be friends. 🙂

Also, I have to admit, some of the posts I put up near the tail end of the week were a bit crappy, that’s because I’ve been playing too many video games. I had errors, confusing thoughts, etc. It’s in part the video games but also my work has picked up a bit, a great thing, and so I’ve been more tired at night especially after a few longer days. Just so you know, I’ll be managing my time a little better now so the quality should return to normal this week.

Back to Call of Duty 4. 🙂