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Roundup: Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Yay, social tools! Are you on Facebook? Check out the Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Blog Network [3], started by one of the site’s readers. If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow me [4] if you want to hear my 140 character musings. Now, onto the roundup!

Happy Birthday to Generation X Finance, Jeremy has reached the two year mark of blogging [5] and celebrates with a vacation and a 40 minute chat on the radio. The radio interview [6] on Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow on KUAR FM 89 (Little Rock) involves three individuals representing three different perspectives (based on age) and is very interesting. It’s 40 minutes but well worth it.

Another story I wanted to highlight was that of my good friend Cap of Stop Buying Crap. He tells the tale of his runaway credit card debt, his “ah ha” moment, followed by a ho-hum repayment of $10,000 in credit card debt [7]. I’ve actually talked to him in the past about his experience because it represents the bulk of debt repayers. A lot of “debt bloggers” get praise for paying down their debt, but far more either were never in debt or paid off their debt without much fanfare. It’s like foreclosures, while they do grab headlines, the vast majority of homeowners are not in foreclosure. There are plenty of underwater homeowners who are still paying their debts like the responsible adults they are. They’re the ones who need the kudos.

Lazy Man is going through his entire retirement planning process, starting with a Step 0 [8]. As of this writing there are 6 parts (0 – 5) and they give a good look at how he’s been planning his retirement. Step 0 is important because it establishing his mindset and general feeling about retirement, which has played a big role in their decision making. It’s a good series and gives you a great look at how he’s doing things.

Finally, Paid Twice talks about how actions define priorities [9] and how she buys clothes at Goodwill. For far too long we had it all. You didn’t have to decide between buying a house and buying clothes, you could do both and finance it with debt. With the economy weakening, we’ll have to start making decisions and actions speak louder than words.