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Roundup: I Get My News From Halo 3 Online Play

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I wonder if this is a good or a bad thing. Tuesday night there was an magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Alum Rock, CA near San Jose near midnight EST. I learned about it at around 12:05. You might be wondering if I sit by my computer hoping to catch the first news of the day, well I don’t. I found out someone on XBox Live, who lived in San Jose, in the middle of a game of Halo 3 said “Oh crap, what was that? I think we’re having an earthquake.” Amazingly, he never lost power and kept on trucking.

In somewhat unrelated news and totally off the topic of personal finance but totally on the topic of video games, I can’t wait until Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare comes out on November 5th. I tried to get into the stupid beta but their site was all manner of jacked up so I never got in. I loved the video-gamey COD3 and played that all the time so this version is probably going to get me all addicted (as if Halo3 wasn’t enough).

  • JD shares tip from Hotwire about the best holiday travel days for 2007.
  • NCN hits Day 29 of 33 in his Money Saving and Debt Reduction series, this time he says that you shouldn’t feel guilty about keeping things simple.
  • Nickel shares the 2008 contribution limits for a bunch of retirement plans.
  • Flexo just put a bunch of his savings into a Countrywide 5.65% APY CD.
  • FMF is giving away his last copy of Quicken 2008 Premier!
  • JLP talks about the falling fad of Crocs.
  • A week wouldn’t be complete without a doom and gloom post from MBH. 🙂 This time it’s about Peak Oil!
  • Happy Belated Birthday Jeremy! GenX Finance is one year old!
  • SVB talks about ghosts and goblins and how they affect home selling. Actually, it’s more about buying and selling a house with a backstory, but it’s cool if that backstory was a headless horseman rather than a much hated tax collector (unless they were axe murdered!).
  • Ben recently went to a single income and discusses juggling accounts.
  • Lazy Man talks about buying clearance candy, which is similar to the Thursday Frugal Tip on Festival of Frugality which is to stock up on clearance decorations after a big holiday.
  • Golbguru asks an interesting question – Will You Spoil Your Children If You Give Them Substantial Economic Gifts?
  • Sun is in open enrollment at his work and is thinking about opening an HSA.
  • Consumerist makes a good point about not asking for a note of apology from a company. It does seem childish and honestly, you shouldn’t care. You want an apology if your neighbor accidentally ran over your azalea with his lawnmower. You want an apology if your husband “accidentally” dropped your favorite ridiculously ugly clay “pot” that your sister made. Those are relationships and those should be valued. You shouldn’t care or want a face-less company to send you a letter about how they’re “sorry” because they aren’t sorry… they don’t really care. You’re a profit & loss statistic for them. Plus it makes you look crazy.
  • Paid Volunteerism is something I thought was interesting so I wrote about it on My Retirement Blog. The idea is that someone being will be utilized more effectively (since they’re not free) plus the person will feel more valued, even if it’s only a symbolic payment.
  • Daily Money Hack is a new site I put together to showcase off some deals and steals out there in the personal finance world. I like to keep BFP more about myself and the things I do, rather than have it be a deal hunting thing (unless it’s something about deal hunting I’m actively doing, like searching for Comcast deals or something). The hot new offer I have on there now is a $50 first purchase bonus for the Chase Freedom card.
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11 Responses to “Roundup: I Get My News From Halo 3 Online Play”

  1. Flexo says:

    That was Sasha who put money into the CD, not me, but thanks for the link!

  2. mbhunter says:

    Anything to be a thorn in your side, Jim. 😉

  3. MoneyNing says:

    I bet Microsoft will put news tickets in online game screens soon to boost advertising 🙂

    If not news, it might be posters will buy/sell things related to the game.

  4. GeekMan says:

    You’ll have to share your gamertag one day so those of us who are Halo and CoD fans can play with/against you!

  5. Danny Tsang says:

    COD 4 looks crazy! I can’t wait for it come out too. What I like is the fact that its a modern environment rather than the WWII setting and whatnot. The graphics are crazy and the demos look amazing. I need to actually convince everyone to pony up and get me a 360 for Christmas though, I’ve been using my girlfriend’s brothers 360 for the past few months and he wants it back lol.

    On another note I live in San Francisco, I was in a restaurant when the quake happened. Usually I’m wrong when I think theres a quake, usually its someone running by or something, but when the windows started to rattle it was kind of freaky.

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Robby Colvin says:

    I was in on the CoD4 beta and let me just tell you that you are in for a treat, buddy. I think that once it comes out, I’m not going to be playing Halo 3 at all any more…

  7. jim says:

    I just found out the video cable or the card or whatever on my XBox 360 is having problems and had to be sent in for servicing. 5-7 days for the shipping box, 3-4 WEEKS for repair. I’m not going to really be able to play COD4 for like a month! Ugh.

  8. Matthew Paulson says:

    I finally picked up COD 3 for my Wii, and that thing is almost impossible to play. First person shooter’s just don’t belong on the Wii! COD on the PC has always been fun though.

  9. Tyler says:

    I think that dude in halo was me lol

  10. Cap says:

    Bought a new video card for the computer recently… just so I can rock CoD4 and Crysis. Haha. I must have played both demo like 50 times during the weekend night.

    If its the video cable, why not just sport a new one temporary?

  11. Lazy Man says:

    It was a pretty weak earthquake. I am 20 miles from the epicenter and didn’t feel a thing (though my wife did). It’s another case of me spacing out as usual.

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