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Roundup: Kitchen Tips, $11 Credit Reports, and Linsanity

Posted By Jim On 03/16/2012 @ 7:10 am In Personal Finance | 4 Comments

I grew up in New York and basketball was always my favorite sport, so it was natural that I grew up a New York Knicks fan. Having moved to Pittsburgh and then Baltimore, neither of which had basketball teams, I sort of fell out of touch with my home town team until this year. Back then, Knick fans hated the Heat because PJ Brown flipped Charlie Ward on the free throw line. Most people hate the Heat because of Lebron James (let’s be honest, everyone still likes Dwayne Wade and no one really cares about Chris Bosh), which isn’t a great reason to hate a sports team (especially when James has the reputation of fading in the clutch).

So this whole Linsanity thing has been epic. The whole Melo-drama with Anthony and D’Antoni hasn’t been as great… but hopefully that’s behind the team. It’s also why I enjoyed this article by Kenneth Rogoff, professor at Harvard and former chief economist at the IMF, titled Jeremy Lin and the political economy of superstars [3].” It’s not really a Linsanity article (much like this isn’t a Linsanity roundup), it just piggybacks on the sensation, but Rogoff discusses why we accept high salaries for sports figures but lambaste CEOs for being paid similarly. My belief is that most people believe they can do a CEO’s job, whereas they can’t dunk a basketball or catch a touchdown pass, so they think the CEO is overpaid because they themselves are not being paid as much.

  • Saving Money in the Kitchen [4] – Andrea of Mainstream Mom collects a lot of very useful kitchen tips for the cooks and non-cooks out there, she included my contribution of our leftover calendar [5] to help reduce spoilage.
  • How to Write a Resume [6] – Ryan at CashMoneyLife writes an epic post on how to write a resume, it’s chock full of great tips.
  • $11 Credit Reports [7] – Did you know that the FCRA, in addition to letting you get a copy of your credit report every year from each of the three bureaus, also limits how much the bureau can charge you to get your report outside the freebies?
  • Common Misconceptions about the FDIC & NCUA [8] – Ken Tumin is probably one of the most well educated folks about banking and so I always make it a point to read his stuff, ever since his Bank Deals Blog days, and this time he shared a bunch of misconceptions about the FDIC and NCUA.
  • What business expenses are tax deductible? [9] Running a business is tough, taxes are tough, doing business taxes right is especially tough.
  • 5 Cards for Excellent Credit [10] – If you have excellent credit, take advantage of it! Wise Bread shares five cards for those with sterling credit.

Have a great weekend!

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