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Roundup Linkfest

Rounding up some interesting posts of the week…

Flexo’s been writing a couple posts where applies financial metrics, usually used on analyzing the financials of companies, to personal finance; this time it’s using the debt to income ratio [3]. Nickel authors an excellent post listing ten simple ways to protect yourself [4] with regards to insurance. JLP writes a follow up [5] to his post about the Great Annuity ripoff. FMF posts about how to keep the small spending under control [6] when you budget. MBH did something to a roll of mint coins that was bad [7] (I think he opened them), I’m not a coin collector so I didn’t really follow what he did but apparently hit cost him $15-$20.

Hey My Two Dollars [8], thanks for picking BFP for your Favorite Blog Wednesday series [9] and for your kind words, I honestly do appreciate it. Thanks!

If you’re on Blogspot and want to get away, Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has put together a free service where you can get a free personal finance blog [10] at MyPFBlogs.com. It’s entirely free and gives you the power of WordPress, not crappy limited Blogspot.

This past week was the week of lists, first was Yan with the Top 30 Personal Finance Blogs by Feedburner [11] subscription counts, then I stole that idea and applied it to Alexa and created the Alexa’s Top 60 Personal Finance Bloggers [12] (which I’ll update every three or six months), then Will of Wise Bread put together a Top 100 Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs [13] by del.icio.us links, then Sun used trusty Technorati to create his list of Top 65 PF Blogs by Technorati [14], then finally there was a Top 100 [15] that popped out of nowhere but contained categorical listings (it’s a pretty arbitrary list). Whew, that’s a lot of top X lists!