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Roundup: My Fiancee and I Are Starting a Rock Band

Yep, we’ve decided to quit our jobs and start our very own rock band! By this I mean we’re keeping our jobs and just spending hours on hours playing Rock Band [3], a game we just got recently (in part because Guitar Hero 3 [4] for the Xbox 360 [5] is so difficult to get, but now Rock Band is pretty scarce too).

We are “Sexah Thang” with me on drums and her playing the guitar. I wish I could get you guys a screen shot of my character, this guy is ridiculously over the top, but I guess you’ll have to use your imagination. Guitar Hero 3 really showed some creativity in gaming – taking a game like Simon, putting it to great music, and making it ridiculously awesome. Rock Band is like Guitar Hero except you can have two guitars (guitar and bass), a drummer, and a singer! How cool is that!?