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Roundup: New Roof Monday

If the weather holds up for Monday, we’ll be getting our new roof installed. Ahhh the joys of home ownership. We’ve made a bunch of repairs / improvements to the home in the few years we’ve lived here and I’m seriously wondering when my bag of riches is supposed to arrive. Everyone told me that the path to wealth was through homeownership but I’ve yet to figure out how that works. 🙂 Of course I jest, I love owning a home and wouldn’t trade it for renting any day. However, if I were to sell, I’d probably benefit from reading Nickel’s tips on how to sell in a down housing market [3] and Jeremy’s more verbosely title home selling tips [4], many of which are appropriate for up markets too.

This week I’ve written quite a bit about the tax plans of John McCain and Barack Obama since they’re the leading candidates for the Presidency. The Tax Policy Center published a preliminary analysis of the two tax plans [5] and made it available to the public.

One of the risks of budgeting to the penny [6] is that you might miss a penny or two or, in the case of Madame X, a thousand or two every once and a while [7]. Unfortunately, even the most diligent will have leaks every once and a while, just don’t let it get you down. 🙂

This week Trent shared his entrepreneurial inspiration [8], his father, and the impact he had on him. “Entrepreneurship isn’t about starting and building a giant corporation. It’s about the freedom to choose what you want to do – and when you’ve found it, chasing it yourself and building it into whatever you want it to be.” Very true.

SVB shares a good post on how to protect your job during a recession [9] while Ben writes about how to save money on a diamond [10]. “Diamonds are forever… on your credit card.” Instant classic!

Lazy Man shared some tips on travel [11] while the entire M-Network did a great series on it. Their series on frugal vacationing is very appropriate given the season and the need to make every dollar stretch even farther: