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Roundup: Thanks For Voting!

Thanks to everyone who voted in Alpha Consumer’s third Alpha Consumer Challenge on the best frugal date idea [3], we managed to squeak out a win by a single percentage point! I’ll get a copy of Break Down Your Money: How to Get Beyond the Noise to Profit in the Markets [4], by Fox Business Network reporter Tracy Byrnes, and after I review it, I’ll send it to Funny About Money [5] who came in second. Better to share the love when you get it!

The Money Writers all talked about their investment performance this year, a great group project idea! They all naturally wrote about it but here are a few of them:

Nickel offers up some advice for entrepreneurs [10] in MBN’s monthly writing project.

David is quite the Google Docs connoisseur and discovered a nice new set of personal finance templates [11] worth checking out. There are “hundreds of free templates, from Business Plans to Budget Tracking to Resumes to Thesis Outlines.” Looks like some useful stuff.

A lot of my friends have been traveling the world lately so when I stumbled upon (literally!) How to Travel by Cargo Ship [12], I had to check it out. None of my friends were traveling by cargo ship, the thought of doing so is really appealing. Would I want to do it? Not sure, I’m afraid I’d get stir crazy and my wife doesn’t do well on ships, but who knows??? 🙂