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Roundup: I Don’t Get 3D Televisions

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I was in Costco the other day when I walked by Samsung’s 3D television. They had some computer animated movie playing when I donned the 3D glasses to see how the picture looked. It took me a few seconds but once I activated the glasses, I sort of had that “feeling” you get when you’re first seeing the picture in a picture in a stereogram (it’s those images where you have to cross your eyes just right).

Anyway, the television was like two thousand dollars and each pair of glasses were $100. Two thousand dollars for a television that would give me the 3D feeling (it’s not 3D, it just adds a little depth to the image), not exactly something I’d pay for. The last time I saw a movie in 3D was Avatar and I didn’t think it was that awesome back then either. With a 3D movie, you have to look where the camera focuses you on. If you try to focus on something that’s blurry in the background, you just end up with a headache.

I’ll save my two grand for something else… maybe a nice vacation or something. 🙂 What’s your take on these new 3D televisions? Worth it? Waste? Fad that will pass?

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Have a great weekend!

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30 Responses to “Roundup: I Don’t Get 3D Televisions”

  1. Rob O. says:

    3D is a pricey fad that’s already jumped the shark. But if the introduction of those TVs drives down the prices on the less trendy 55″+ TVs, I’m good with that. There’s a 60″ LG plasma that beckons me each time I wander into Sam’s Club…

    • shiftomnimega says:

      Lowering the price of regular TVs would be a positive affect of 3D. Honestly, I don’t get it either, 3D has been around since I was 7 and people are just now getting into it? Yeah, it’s in HD now, but I’m still not really all that wowed by it 2 decades later.

  2. zapeta says:

    I think its a fad and its time will probably pass. Who wants to sit around their house with those stupid glasses on?

  3. moljacks says:

    3D is the new fad and I really hope that it goes away soon. If 3D is done right, it can work but now every studio is rushing to put out 3D on every movie….it is a waste of a movie!

  4. M Stewart says:

    I agree with you. 3D is nothing more than a “new” idea for companies to chase in hopes it takes off. I applaud the TV makers for trying, after all, taking a stab at innovation is never really a bad thing; but trying to trick our eyes into seeing 3D on a 2D screen just isn’t worth the effort and the lack of sales will kill this not-so-great idea.

    Now, when TVs can project holograms such as when we first see Leia in the original Star Wars movie, now that, THAT, might be worthy of chasing!

    Until then, I agree with Jim, let’s go on a meaningful and enjoyable vacation.

  5. Richard Plevy says:

    I hear you about the 3-D TV, BUT, I went into a “CompUSA” and they had the new Sony 3-D next to the Samsung. Well the Sony SMOKED the Samsung it was like apples & oranges, they have different glasses but even the 2_D picture was better w/o the glasses on the Sony. Who was the inventor of the most accepted technology. I will defiantly buy a 3-D TV when the price of the Sony’s come down and Netflix starts offering more movies in 3-D. R.J.P.

  6. Mlle Quetzal says:

    I too don’t get 3D TVs and don’t anticipate that these tubes are here to stay-another fad and waste of money. Think about breaking the 3D glasses! Ouch! I’m surprised that Costco is selling them as I haven’t seen them at my local Costco store.

  7. Rob says:

    I personally hate 3D. Its annoying and its barely 3D (as you said, just a little depth). Rather just watch a movie normally or in IMAX.

  8. live green says:

    I don’t really get 3D televisions either and as others have said, will probably be a fad. I just don’t see myself watching tv with a pair of glasses on just to get a 3D effect. I can see going to the movie to get that experience, but not in my home.

  9. Evan says:

    I don’t get 3d tvs at all. What if you have 4 glasses and 6 friends over?

  10. I’ll never get a 3-D TV. I barely watch television anymore, Only a couple of shows on HULU. 3-D is a fad that will take a few years and then be over. Plus I would never let my kids touch $100 3-D glasses. Big mistake.

  11. heywally says:

    3D TV = bust. The HD picture quality is enough, people aren’t going to want to wear those glasses and the 3D effect loses its wow factor fairly quickly. Just another gimmick to boost sales – maybe there will be a small niche but will not be widely adopted.

    How about some program content improvement instead?

    • daenyll says:

      agreed, I’m so tired of reality tv and the gameshows in primetime. Does no one have any imagination anymore? The networks keep having to go and rehash classic shows just to get some variety.

  12. I’m the absolute worst customers for 3D TV. I generally don’t want immersion, or simply don’t have the ability to immerse myself in the experience. I’m constantly doing something else while watching TV – taking care of the kids, reading, writing, mowing the lawn …

    (OK, I’m actually listening via wireless headphones when I’m mowing … not actively watching).

  13. MikeZ says:

    I don’t get it either, but I’m guessing my next TV may have 3d. I’m still running with the same TV I bought in 1995 so when this dies all new TV’s will probably have the 3d capable feature just so they have the chance to sell glasses.

  14. Alan says:

    3D TVs are dumb. I don’t want to sit at home wearing glasses whenever I want to watch my $2k TV.

    When technology improves to the point where I can get 3D without the glasses then maybe…

    Honestly if I had $2k laying around, I’d get a nice 50″+ LED LCD TV. Those things are a much better value than the 3D TVs.

  15. Maddhatter says:

    I saw part of a world cup soccer game in 3d in a Sony store. I have to say the “little added depth” did enhance the experience. I think 3d might find a niche market in the sports fanatic fanbase; however I agree with everyone else, those glasses are a deal breaker.

    • Perhaps … but I’m in the sports fanatic group, and have no interest. I just want to see MORE games – I’m happy with the current experience.

      • jsbrendog says:

        yes, i would much rather take that money,. buy a 52 inch 1080p and use the rest to buy mlb season ticket, the mls package, nfl network and redzone channel, and the world soccer package.

  16. Meng says:

    The main obstacle is definitely the glasses. When the market shifts more towards passive technology I’ll pay attention. RealD and Polaroid have just released some glasses that only cost $30. Seems like a far more sustainable technology to me.

  17. bjm says:

    I work in the film industry and everyone is goin’ nuts with producing content in 3D. I personally think it’s a fad. Who’s gonna watch something like Fargo in 3D? My 2 cents.

    Keep up the good work Jim

    • jsbrendog says:

      which makes it even better whens omeone like christopher nolan (batman begins and dark knight) says 3d is dumb and he won’t shoot in it.

  18. Debt Kid says:

    I don’t get 3D either Jim. I remember an article in Wired about a year ago on Sony, and how they were essentially betting the farm on 3D and I just couldn’t believe it.

    What if you have 20 friends over for a football party? 20 awkward glasses to purchase? No thanks. And what about when you’re in the kitchen getting a snack, do you leave the glasses on, off? It’s a mess.

    Big Hat, No Cattle.


    • Jim says:

      The kitchen example is the most striking because that happens every single day. Having 20 people over probably means you switch to regular TV but the kitchen example is where you definitely have the technology available, it’s just annoying.

      • jsbrendog says:

        so, how’d you lose your finger?

        well, i was chopping carrots in the kitchen and when i look up all of a sudden there is spongebob right in front of my face yelling and giggling at me. it would throw off any human. so, there went the index finger….

  19. jsbrendog says:

    i don’t get 3d televisions either. even when i was a kid and they had the disney 3d thing at disney world i was lukewarm. i would much rather use that money for something else. you ca get an amazing regular tv AND something else for the cost of a 3d tv.

  20. DJ says:

    Not to mention the fact that not only are we being sucked into an all engrossing “activity” of watching tv, but now we are forced to be even more focused by putting on glasses that restrict our vision even more. No different than putting blinders on horses so their peripheral vision is cut off. Spend the $2000 on a real activity that gets you up, moving, and out of the house.

    • DJ says:

      It also reminds me a lot of the movie Wall-E. The humans who are living on that spaceship that have degenerated into practically immobile creatures. 3-D glasses and 3-D tv’s are not too far removed that from concept!

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