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Rule #1 by Phil Town

Phil emailed me last September (I think after seeing me in the New York Times) and invited me to look at his blog over at Rule #1 Blog [3]. Usually, the first page I look for when I visit an unfamiliar blog is the About page because it lets me know a little about the brain behind the blog. The stuff I found on Phil’s About Page [4] was amazing (he was a canyon river guide, a soldier, and he turned $1,000 to a million in five years). He’s spoken to millions of people and shared the stage with former Presidents and other dignitaries but the most compelling part of his story is that he has no magic formula and he’s gotten where he is because of hard work.

He’s penned a book formulated after his investing strategy titled Rule #1 : The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week! [5] and he sent me a copy to review (just received it yesterday). Look for the review in the coming days as I read it and I will put $1,000 aside to follow this strategy to give you (and me) proof that it works.

Until then, if you want a sneak peak of his investing advice, check out his blog [3]. One of the best parts about the blog is that readers will email Phil their analysis of a company and he’ll respond, posting both on his blog for everyone to learn.