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2011 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule

Posted By Jim On 08/01/2011 @ 8:35 am In Personal Finance | 28 Comments

Who loves taxes? No one! So it’s no surprise that sales tax holidays are popular with most people. Several years ago, only a few states took part in a holiday on sales tax. Over the years, more and more states have taken the plunge (or at the very least discussed the idea – it’s hard for a politician to vote against a sales tax holiday) and consumers absolutely love them. Even though state budgets are feeling the strain of lower property taxes and other sources of revenue, these holidays are still popular.

Sales tax holidays have gained in popularity in recent years, in part because of the economy but mostly because everyone wants to get a good deal, and more and more states are starting to get in the fun. It will be interesting to see what states do this year as many are seeing budget shortfalls as a result of sagging home prices. It’s a trade-off between boosting the economy and surrendering tax revenue (and politicians voting against very popular sales tax holidays!), it’ll be interesting to see as we start to near the usual “full swing” period of sales tax holidays.

Residents of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon already know this … but don’t bother looking for their sales, they never pay sales taxes. And lucky folks in Pennsylvania don’t have to pay it on clothing.

All state names will link to that state’s Department of Revenue or some other resource that explains the sales tax holiday in more detail:

  • Alabama [3]August 5-7, covers clothing <$100 per item, computers/software/computer supplies <$750, school supplies <$50 per item, books <$30 per item. Not all counties participate so here's the list of participating counties in Alabama [4].
  • Arkansas [5]August 6-7 covers clothing <$100 per item, clothing accessory or equipment <$50 per item, and school supplies.
  • Connecticut [6]August 21-27, clothing and footwear <$300.
  • Florida [7]August 12-14, books, clothing and footwear <$50 and school supplies <$10.
  • Georgia [8] – Another year, another stalled sales tax holiday. [legislation stalled]
  • Iowa [9]August 5-6, covers clothing/footwear <$100 per item.
  • Louisiana [10]August 5-6, covers most tangible personal property other than vehicles and meals. Check the link for a more comprehensive list.
  • Maryland [11]August 13-19, clothing or footwear <$100 excluding accessory items (jewelry, watches, handbags, etc.).
  • Massachusetts [12] – Gov. Deval Patrick signed legislation on August 1st for this year’s back to school sales tax holiday set for August 13-14. Same rules as last year, just about anything under $2500 is exempt.
  • Mississippi [13]July 29 – 30, clothing/footwear <$100.
  • Missouri [14]August 5-7, clothing <$100 each, school supplies <$50 each, computer/equipment <$3500. Also, Missouri sales tax holiday on energy star products (April 19-25), called the Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday [15].
  • New Mexico [16]August 5-7, clothing/footwear <$100 each, school supplies <$15 each, computers <$1000 and computer equipment <$500.
  • North Carolina [17]August 6-8, covers clothing <$100 per item, school instructional materials <$300 per item, sports & rec equipment <$50 per item, computers/software/computer supplies <$250 per item. November 5-7 for qualified energy star rated appliances for non-business purposes.
  • Oklahoma [18]August 5-7, covers clothing/footwear <$100 each.
  • South Carolina [19]August 5-7, exempts clothing, school supplies computers & computer software, towels, sheets, and other items. October 1-31 exempts certain qualified Energy Star items for personal use less than $2,5000.
  • Tennessee [20]August 5-7 – Clothing <$100 per item, School and Art Supplies <$100 per item, and Computers <$1500 per bundled package
  • Texas [21]August 19-21, clothing/footwear <$100, backpacks <$100
  • Virginia [22]August 5-7, back-to-school sales tax holiday on school supplies <$20 per item and clothing & footwear <$100 per item. Finally, October 7-10, energy savings sales tax holiday on Energy Star Qualified products including appliances purchased for noncommercial home or personal use <$2,500 each.

If your state isn’t listed, you don’t have a sales tax holiday on the horizon.

If you’re curious how the sales tax holidays have changed, here are the sales tax holidays from 2008 [23], 2009 [24], and 2010 [25].

(photo by brook [26])

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