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Your Take: Would You Miss Saturday Mail Service?

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As the United States Postal Service slips further and further into the red abyss of heavy losses, one of the ideas that has been brought up frequently is suspension of Saturday mail service. As postal workers strike to save their system, advocating pushing off a required pension payment, I don’t think it’s possible to avoid cuts entirely. Pushing off a pension payment is a short term solution to a systemic problem. The USPS has been losing billions for several years. The government solution, which consists of avoiding and delaying payments (is anyone else surprised that the USPS pension is overfunded?), doesn’t hit at the heart of the matter… the USPS’s expenses far exceed its income.

I personally would not miss Saturday mail service. Five days of mail is enough and while it’s nice to get something on the weekends, I really wouldn’t miss it. There is one argument in favor of Saturday mail service and that’s for folks who need to mail packages and can’t get off work during the week. In those cases, why not keep the post offices open but skip mail delivery? If that’s not sustainable either, close the Post Office on Saturdays and leave the automated mail kiosks open, as they always are, so people can mail packages that way.

What do you think?

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64 Responses to “Your Take: Would You Miss Saturday Mail Service?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would not miss Saturday mail.

  2. MikeW says:

    I wouldn’t miss Saturday mail service and if it kept costs in line I could also do without Wednesday service as well. Most bills give you plenty of time to send payments in if you don’t do them online. So four days a week would be fine for me.

  3. To make the USPS work as is, the rates need to increase, delivery days and open postal service hours decreased.

    I like the idea of it becoming privatized, but a negative aspect I see is higher prices and that may affect people living in rural areas or with low income.

  4. Donald says:

    USPS is neither fish nor fowl, not a private company and not a regular government service. It should just be a government agency like any other supported mostly through taxes, not postage rates. Charging rates that actually reflect the cost would put mail service out of reach of lots of people who really need it. We don’t make any other government service try to raise its own funding (although I would like to see the Pentagon give it a try – maybe bake sales or raffles!)

  5. schmerold says:

    In my neighborhood, USPS spends approximately $250 per year to deliver mail to my house. If they can save $50 per year by not delivering on Saturday, I say go for it.

    What’s more, it’s time that the post office look at delivery costs and make us pay for more costly delivery options. If the national average is $200 per year, I could elect to continue receiving mail in my mailbox or I could drive to the post office / neighborhood collection site to get my mail.

    If I want to continue receipt of mail at my house, I would pay $50 per year for the privilege.

    Easy peasy.

  6. skylog says:

    i think they should just cut wednesday, if they had to cut a day. seems to make the most sense to me.

  7. First Step says:

    Most of the post office locations here in Raleigh, NC are already closed on Saturday, so they must not have had the business to support staying open. We’ve lived here since 1994, and it’s been this way the entire time. It would be fine with me to eliminate Saturday delivery.

  8. Stacey says:

    Our local post office closes the window over the lunch hour – which makes it even harder for people to do business there over THEIR lunch hour. The whole system is on crack.

    • daenyll says:

      the branch in my dad’s small town does the same thing, only there have been occasions where their lunch hour seems to mysteriously stretch from 11-2 or so. I don’t see much point for keeping that branch fully open, there’s little business and the next town over is bigger and has better hours. They’ve even had problems with delivery… when they found boxes of undelivered mail sitting in a rural driver’s house going back years because he’d just quit and go home whenever he got tired some days and never bothered to finish.

  9. P O Box says:

    I pick up my mail once a week from my P O Box. That is all I need.

  10. thunderthighs says:

    I probably would not.

  11. freeby50 says:

    No I would not miss Saturday service. Actually thats not true, I kinda like getting the mail just cause I’m weird that way and I like the ritual of opening the box and seeing what came in the mail so I’d miss not doing it. But it wouldn’t have any real impact on my life and I would not mind if they stop Sat. delivery. I would also not mind if they instead chose to stop delivery on any one weekday either (like Tues, Wed).

    The pension payment is a deeper issue than just some short of short term solution. The pension payments are actually a lot of the deeper problem. As Courtney said the USPS is required to make payments that nobody else is. THe USPS also argues that they ere required to pay payments that the fed. government should have made (for people covered by federal pensions / USPS pensions doe to joint service in military + postal jobs). Plus the pension payments are a huge cost for the USPS since they have such a large workforce and many retirees. Of course its a big deal and part of the deeper issues. If they were a young company with no long history of government control and they they had a small, young workforce then the pension costs wouldn’t be nearly as high.

    Congress is at least partially if not mostly to blame for tying the USPS’ hands behind its back with mandates and requirements.

  12. Bart Bongiorno says:

    I believe that Saturday mail delivery is an important service. There have been countless times that important mail has come on Saturday which was needed for fulfilling a deadline or cashing that important check. I also think that business interests would not be well served without Saturday mail srevice. It is a service that we in the U.S.A. pay for in our taxes and postal fees. Perhaps the Federal Government shouls reconsider how it spends our taxes.

  13. Shan says:

    CLOSE THE P.O. on Saturdays!!!!!!!! NO need for it. I’ve been paying attention to the mail service since hearing about the possibility of ending Sat. delivery. In 6 months on a Sat. (when I even check the mail which isn’t that often on the weekends) I’ve either not received any mail OR there has been one piece of junk mail. My husband is a rural letter carrier and on the occasions he does deliver mail on Sat. he says the mail volumn is very low. On the avg. day it takes him between 7-8 hours to deliver. On a Sat. it takes him 4. HUGE difference. Close the dang place on Saturdays. I don’t think anyone would really care.

    • kowtymae says:

      Does your husband work on Monday? Has he ever told you how much mail there is to sort and deliver on Monday? Thats because, even though the post office is closed on Sunday, the mail processing plants still run as normal resulting in two days worth of mail come Monday. If you close the post offices on Saturdays, the mail volume for Mondays would be such that you wold have to hire additional help just to get it all sorted and delivered. Hmmmm, hiring and paying people to provide help on Mondays when you should have just left things as they were to begin with.

  14. JConn says:

    Not at all. In fact, as much as it benefits me, the Post Office should stop giving out free boxes and delivering them to your home for free. At the least, make you pay for them and give you a rebate when you use them. Where else can you order 100 boxes that are great for storing CDs, comics etc, for free with free delivery? Ya wonder why there’re broke….

  15. JConn says:

    Closing some offices would also help. Why have an office in every zip code? There are four withen a 2 mile radius of my house. That’s just stupid.

  16. Ray says:

    I think thats a great idea if it keeps the post office from cutting jobs we dont need mail on the weekend.

    • kowtymae says:

      Ahem…it would cause hundreds of thousands of part time carriers to lose their jobs. Your mail carrier only delivers mail five days a week. Part time employees work the sixth day.

  17. kowtymae says:

    Eliminating Saturday delivery would force hundreds of thousands of part time postal workers out of a job. Now eligible for unemployment, these dislocated workers will add to the overwhelming number of people collecting these benefits. Where does the money come from to pay them? TAX DOLLARS! Who is going to pay the tax increase? YOU ARE! Do you know how many people operate a business from home and depend on the six day delivery week to sustain their income? MILLIONS!How about companies such as NetFlix who depend on Saturday delivery to ensure prompt turn around time for their customers? LET’S BANKRUPT THEM TOO! Before you know it, half of America will be depending on state and federal benefits just to get by. Sounds like a pretty stupid idea to me.

  18. Lloyd says:

    A random weekday makes the most sense to me as well. Also, Gee, I wonder what Courtney’s political philosphy is…..? I’m guessing liberal, considering the comments made, as well as the fact the (her/his) facts are horribly incorrect about government pensions, as well as what party actually fought to fund the USPS with money we don’t have. Liberals are never bashful about sharing their opinions, without letting the facts get in the way.

  19. Debbie P says:

    I would love to see the Saturday mail delivery stopped. I know for a fact that the delivery drivers do not have that much on Saturday’s to deliver, usually it is just a local advertisement paper. It’s a waste of money to have them deliver on Saturdays.

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