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Your Take: Would You Miss Saturday Mail Service?

As the United States Postal Service slips further and further into the red abyss of heavy losses, one of the ideas that has been brought up frequently is suspension of Saturday mail service. As postal workers strike [3] to save their system, advocating pushing off a required pension payment, I don’t think it’s possible to avoid cuts entirely. Pushing off a pension payment is a short term solution to a systemic problem. The USPS has been losing billions for several years. The government solution, which consists of avoiding and delaying payments (is anyone else surprised that the USPS pension is overfunded?), doesn’t hit at the heart of the matter… the USPS’s expenses far exceed its income.

I personally would not miss Saturday mail service. Five days of mail is enough and while it’s nice to get something on the weekends, I really wouldn’t miss it. There is one argument in favor of Saturday mail service and that’s for folks who need to mail packages and can’t get off work during the week. In those cases, why not keep the post offices open but skip mail delivery? If that’s not sustainable either, close the Post Office on Saturdays and leave the automated mail kiosks open, as they always are, so people can mail packages that way.

What do you think?