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Your Take: The End of Saturday USPS Mail Delivery

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Antique USPS Delivery TruckThe United States Postal Service announced earlier this week that they plan on stopping Saturday mail delivery starting August 1st of this year. The USPS just increased stamp prices earlier this year to the current stamp price of 45 cents for a first class letter. To save money, USPS has often proposed terminating Saturday delivery in the past – the announcement this week is the first time they’ve actually been able to do it.

This only affects regular mail, the post office will continue to deliver packages on Saturday, just not regular mail. With the USPS hemorrhaging money (that’s really the only apt description for what happens when you lose tens of billions of dollars a year… after year after year), this move will save an estimated $2 billion a year.

What do you think? Personally, I’m fine with the end of Saturday delivery. The post office will remain open, packages will still be delivered, and I won’t miss getting junk mail on Saturdays. It’s not like anything urgent is ever sent by regular USPS mail anyway.

I am sympathetic to those who would lose their jobs as a result of reduced delivery but the USPS lost more than $15 billion dollars last year… something has to give.

What do you think?

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36 Responses to “Your Take: The End of Saturday USPS Mail Delivery”

  1. This ultimately won’t affect me too much. I do occasionally get a check in the mail, but it isn’t like most banks are open on saturdays either. I always know when my bills are due to come in so it shouldn’t affect that either because I can go online to view them if I don’t want to wait for the paper copy. The USPS had to do something and I think this is a good start. They have a long way to go though.

  2. Glenn Lasher says:

    I mostly used to use the mail to pay my bills. When they kept losing my payments, it was the push I needed to go to electronic payments.

    We do still use Netflix DVD service, so this may have some small impact, but I don’t really expect to feel it much.

    Beyond that, I don’t really trust them very much, and only use them when there is some legal advantage to it (e.g. serving papers or paying taxes).

  3. Aaron B says:

    I read a suggestion months ago (posted by someone, somewhere on the Web) that the Post Office ought to drop Wednesday deliveries instead. That way you’d never have more than one day between deliveries. Interesting idea, but it would probably be impractical for many more businesses than dropping Saturday deliveries.

  4. Sassy says:

    I find myself angry — perhaps because I still remember 2x a day delivery and Sunday delivery when I was a student in the UK and those letters from home were so precious. But mostly I am angry that Congress has required the Post Office to fund retirement in a way that they require from absolutely no one else in the country — from what I’ve read, if the USPS could act like any other company around in that respect there would be no financial loss and thus no loss of service.

  5. tom says:

    Frankly, it’s about time.

    Most businesses are not open on Saturday and all I receive on Saturdays is junk mail. This will have little to no impact on everyone, including commercial customers.

  6. Cole Brodine says:

    If you do some research, the Post Office was doing just fine until Congress passed an unreasonable requirement for how much pension money they have to save. It is many billions more than any other government entity.

    I smell lobbyists for FedEx and UPS at work. They wouldn’t be closing down Saturday service and laying people off otherwise.

  7. elloo says:

    Things change. The post office used to deliver twice a day years ago. So, now no Saturday delivery. No biggie.

  8. Daniel says:

    I still think they should do away with Monday service instead, kind of like FedEx Home Delivery: they work Tuesday through Saturday. If they were to do that, it would be better for those of us who work Monday through Friday.

  9. Shirley says:

    Like elloo says, “things change” so we will get used to it. The only thing it may change for us is not getting a letter from a grandchild until Monday. We can certainly live with that.

    The P.O. will still be open and pkgs will still be delivered so I can’t see any undue hardship on anyone.

  10. cubiclegeoff says:

    It’s fine with me. I don’t get a lot of important things by mail anyway.

  11. James says:

    Just as a note to that last sentence…”the USPS lost more than $15 billion dollars last year… something has to give.”

    What should have given is the stupid accounting gimmick that the USPS is forced to do per an idiotic law from Congress. It annoys the heck out of me that the media keeps pushing this USPS is broken BS without actually commenting on the biggest part of the problem.

  12. Christina D says:

    There are plenty of other ways to cut costs. Getting letters and cards in the mail on Saturday is fun. Email will never be as private as mail is. Nobody is likely to hack into your letters.

  13. I wish I could pull a Kramer and opt out of mail in general. I am paperless for every single account that I have across the board (thankfully every account offers it) and with student loans, I actually got a tiny discount! I just find that I toss pretty much everything I get in the mail in my recycle bin (at least its being recycled??).

  14. Karen says:

    I think they should skip package delivery too, and save on gas. Seems wasteful to only deliver packages. They will still deliver to PO Boxes, so those who really need timely mail might get a box.

  15. KMacV says:

    I am with Glenn. I am more than willing to wait until Monday to collect my bills and junk mail.

  16. Hey Jim, the price of a single ounce stamp went up to 46 cents.

  17. Cathie says:

    Except for the loss of jobs, this doesn’t bother me at all. Actually, I think they should raise prices significantly. .46 to get correspondence from the East Coast to the West Coast is a ridiculously low price, (and a ridiculously great value.) I don’t understand why people always get up in arms about a penny increase, or why the Postal Service seems afraid to ask for more. People who use the mail will still use it. Kind of like the gas situation. It is what it is.

    • Steph says:

      If they delivered the letters one at a time, yes, it’s cheap. However, if there are 1,000 letters being mailed from NYC to LA, they are essentially charging $460 to deliver your letter with the cost spread across all mailers. And that doesn’t include “piggy backing” between drop off sites (i.e. destinations along the way).

      Honestly, the money they are saving by stopping Saturday delivery will only save them about $2B while their total loss in 2012 was $15.9B, $11.8B coming from employee benefits for health care and pensions. So, the big question is this: When will they start downsizing their staff to match their delivery downsizing???

  18. admiral58 says:

    It would be nice if they still had it, But they really need to start breaking even or making some sort of small profit

  19. I’m a little melancholy that it will close on Saturday but they have to do something significant… And the Social Security offices are talking about closing on Fridays so I guess this is the way it is…

  20. Jim M says:

    I will not miss Saturday delivery. Use the mail very little these days. Gotta love email and on-line bill payment.

  21. Michael says:

    Honestly, I won’t miss it at all, in fact I normally did not like Saturday delivery. I used to have to place a one-day stop on the mail when I went away for the weekend (so mail in the box didn’t alert housebreakers that I was not home). Once in a while I’d get back on Sunday night to find they delivered it anyway. Now Saturday mail will be held until Monday every week. Excellent.

  22. Donald says:

    Losing Saturday delivery is not such a big deal, but I don’t understand why the Post Office is singled out among all government services by requiring that it break even or turn a profit. How would we apply this standard to the military or on the local level to the police and fire departments? Mail delivery is still an essential service for a lot of people.

  23. justsomeguy says:

    I think they should :
    1. Take existing routes and split them into 2 groups. Half get M/W/F delivery and the other half get Tu/Th/Sa.
    2. Any individual or business that wants to be on BOTH routes would pay a fee. Fees vary based on previous years volume to that location.
    3. Congress needs to undo the accelerated funding of the postal service pensions that are responsible for a large portion of the “lost 15 billion”. (On the other hand, congress needs to tighten up the regulations that allow most corporations to UNDERfund their pension liabilities).

  24. jestjack says:

    Bottom line is the post office started having trouble when they “retired” those postal jeeps that you have pictured. They were perfect, lasted forever, were easy to work on and went anywhere in good weather or bad. I used to buy these for “a song” from the Post Office and deliver newspapers with them…perfect! The new equipment is junk, too expensive and very expensive to work on. Aaaand I for one won’t miss Saturday mail a bit. But I really don’t see as there will be that much savings as the weeks mail will be delivered in 5 days instead of 6. To be clear the Postal service’s biggest challenge is health benefits for retirees and current employees….

  25. Molly says:

    I really think we need to look at phasing out USPS mail delivery completely after 3-5 years. Most of your mail is catalogs, political ads, and other ‘junk.’ Except for certain holidays (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.), there are very few personal letters.

    I think a private service or two would pick up delivery of those type of things (at a much higher cost than what the USPS does it now, of course). Packages will go to UPS, FedEx, and maybe new companies.

    I would definitely miss my daily mail delivery (as I currently do on Sundays), but the USPS should go the way of telephone switch operators.

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