Scheduled A Lasik Plus Consultation (with Bonus Free Eye Exam!)

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A while back I started researching lasik eye surgery because I was starting to get tired of the whole contact lens routine. Well, today I learned that LasikPlus is offering a free eye exam along with their consultations so I figured I’d give it a shot. My current contact lens prescription expires in April of next year (they’re typically good for two years) and I was interested in lasik so I might as well get a free eye exam out of it.

I’ve lately heard a lot of ads on the radio about Lasik, mostly from TLC Laser Eye Centers because they’re in the D.C. area and performed Tiger Woods’ lasik procedure, and it’s piquing my interest more and more. In fact, a couple people at my work just had the procedure done and it sounds like it’s come a long way from when they first started doing it. While you still can’t drive yourself home right after the procedure, apparently your vision is pretty much back to normal by the next morning and 100% (20/20) within a couple days. Considering your eye just had a piece sliced off and reattached, that’s a pretty quick recovery time if you ask me.

What I’ve tried to do is search online for reviews about LasikPlus but couldn’t really find anything. I did discover that they, along with practically every other company that sells big ticket items, is offering 0% financing for 18 months, haha, everyone is jumping on the “instant gratification” bandwagon. If you have any information about LasikPlus (or lasik in general) or you’ve used them, I’d really be interested in what you thought… the idea of getting a laser to the eye is pretty scary so I’d like to be armed with as much information as possible.

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36 Responses to “Scheduled A Lasik Plus Consultation (with Bonus Free Eye Exam!)”

  1. Todd says:

    I got Lasik done Dec of last year at TLC lasik eye center. I’m 90% satisfied with the results. While I have 20/20, the flap on my right eye wrinkled up when they were placing it back on, so it takes a split second more for that eye to focus over my left eye. I was hoping it would go away as my eye healed, but it’s permanent. Along with my friends and co-workers that have had it done, I can’t see as well in dim lighted places as I did when I had glasses. This includes driving at night and having the white text on my putty SSH session blur a little in the dark background. But even with those annoyances, I think it was worth it not to deal with glasses and having to worry about breaking them when I play basketball.

    Financial things to keep in mind:
    1. Go to more than one laser center for the test. They vary in prices and it always helps to get a second opinion
    2. The pricing is not set. Lasik places are like car dealerships; different prices for different people in a very competitive industry. One of my co-workers managed to haggle $1000 off his initial quote. The lasik place was an hour away from his house, so his reasoning was it wasn’t worth the drive if he could have it done locally for the same price. Three days later, they called him back with the discount. Some people are afraid to haggle when it has to do with something medical, but the person handling the payments is not the doctor performing the surgery.
    3. All Lasik places are about the same. I’ve heard of perfect results from lower charging places like the lasik eye center and non-perfect results from high charging places like john hopkins and TLC laser eye center. But I suppose you’re also paying for piece of mind. If Tiger Woods did it there, it must be good right? That was my reasoning! 😉

    Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions

  2. GeekMan says:

    I had my eyes done last year in NYC by one of the guys who helped invent the laser sight correction process and I cannot recommend it enough. I’m now 20/15 and couldn’t be happier to be able to see things first thing in the morning, when entering or leaving a cold/hot place and when swimming. It’s even nicer to not have to spend money on eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. My surgery was very low cost compared to the annual costs of my lenses and glasses over a three year period, and since this lasts for the rest of my life I saw it as a much better way to spend my money.

    Now, all I’m waiting for is the x-ray vision upgrade…

  3. Tim says:

    all lasik places aren’t the same and you should definitely do research on the doctor performing the surgery. They are after all your eyes and you shouldn’t trust them to anyone.

    my wife had hers done at the Eye doctors of washington ( which is essentially the Clinch Vision Center in Chevy Chase Maryland, where they do the surgery, but post-ops are conducted in their K street office. Went there because of Dr. Clinch’s reputation.

    You can find cheaper lasik, which are basic lasik procedures, in places advertising $99/eye. They do not include post-op visits for a year though. Normally, good practices include post-op visits for a year in the price of the surgery which also includes pre-op visit, too. they are your eyes, so i wouldn’t be trying to scrimp on cost. Definitely get someone who includes a year of post-op visits that also include corrections within that year included. This is why you should go to a good, reputable place.

    We financed through carecredit through the doctor’s office, which offered 0% financing through carecredit, I believe for 12 months.

    We opted for customvue wavefront and intralase. the former because it helps with the issues of night sight as well as tailoring the procedure for each eye giving a more accurate result. intralase, because it increases the probability of success and better chances of healing quicker by using a laser to make the incision rather than the standard scalpel. As such, the cut is more precise and clean.

    Total cost was $2400/eye. the lasik was $1100/eye, customvue added $800/eye, and intralase added $500/eye (give or take $100/eye for each procedure, since i can’t remember accurately, but the figures sound about right, so the total adds up to $2400/eye). was customvue worth it? definitely yes and it is definitely a better procedure than just basic lasik. if not for anything else than to get rid of the night starring and hollow spots. why bother with basic lasik when you can get something customized to each eye, too? was intralase worth it? definitely yes. anything that increases the chance of success and decreases problems with the flap when it is your sight on the line is worth the expense. moreover, we had the issue of time. we wanted the quickest healing possible and to minimize flap issues within 6 months when we were scheduled to leave the country for work. as i said before, this cost also included 1 year’s worth of post-op visits: normally the first a couple days after the surgery, second a couple weeks after, then 1 month, then 3 months, then 6 months, then at 1 year.

    i had PRK done a long time ago, and definitely would have gotten the same thing as my wife if lasik had been longer in the trials. prk is alright but customvue lasik is much better in my opinion.

  4. Tim says:

    oh, lasikPlus is lasik with intralase (i.e. uses a laser to make the cut for the flap rather than a scalpel). custom lasik is lasik with customvue wavefront. the difference between standard lasik and customvue is the latter’s use of a wavefront mapping of your eye (i.e. measuring the way light passes through your eye).

    some cautions about vision post-op. your vision remains stable but unstable for up 12 months after the surgery. most fluctuations occur within the first 6 months and then stabilizes though. second, if you have dry eyes now, you will have much dryer eyes once you have the procedure. i had dry eyes before prk, and every now and then (probably 2-3 times a year) my eyes will definitely feel like sandpaper. so those Genteal liquid tears come in handy. third, if you have decent vision, it may not seem like much of an improvement; however, if you have poor vision like my cousin who wore coke bottles all her life, the improvement is dramatic. 20/20 and 20/15 are not guaranteed. moreover, you may need corrections further on down the road. the chances of needing reading glasses when you get older also increases if you have had refractive surgery.

    • Cat says:

      lasikplus = the name of the company Lasik Plus — it does not describe a type of surgery… lasikplus is a proprietary name for the Company. It does not mean” Intralase”. You either have your lasik surgery with a microkeratome blade making the flap in the epithelial tissue over the cornea, or the laser making the flap- which is called Intralase. PRK is another method of correction, which prepares the cornea in yet another way for the laser.
      Not everyone has drier eyes after surgery. Talk to the examining MD about your dry eye issues BEFORE surgery. The FDA states that 10% of persons having lasik surgery will need an enhancement. Well, then I guess that means 90% do not! I suggest you google” FDA, lasik” and find their websites for information.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I am also looking into the new CustomVue LASIK thing. I just haven’t had that final “I have to have this done NOW” moment. Also want to plan my flexible spending account around it as well. Look forward to your updates on this.

  6. jim says:

    Jonathan: I’m like you, no rush on getting Lasik, especially since I have about 10 months worth of contacts in the closet; but I figured since I’ll be resetting my FSA in December I might as well get my slow moving research training rolling, you know? Ultimately I think I have to get over the fact that at the end of the day it’s a laser to my eye, something I still find unsettling despite the published 99.999999999% success rate.

  7. Tim says:

    jim, yes there are risks. however, i had refractive surgery done 10 years ago and am forever glad i had it done.

  8. Brad says:


    I had customvue PRK in January. My extreme nearsightedness and eye shape prohibited me from Lasik (my corneas were too steep and thin for it to be safe). PRK is a slightly riskier and more painful alternative to Lasik. It also took me almost 2 months before I was really seeing well. I understand that this is much faster if you have Lasik, but the flap itself is a health risk. In the end I’m glad I had PRK despite the pain. I now see 20/15, and pre-surgery I was worse than 20/1000 with astigmatism.

    My advice is to do your homework on the procedure and on the doctor but IGNORE THE FORUMS. There are laser surgery forums on the web, and I went to them to read experiences . . . but they are all doom and gloom. It is far from a typical sample, as primarily people only post on the issue when they have had problems. So do your sanity a favor and do NOT read the laser eye surgery forums. It’s nothing but bad news.

    It is a very big deal. Your eyes are precious. The procedure is not without risks but your own behavior pre- and post-surgery can help minimize those risks, and a good doctor will be very open with you about what you need to do.

    If you are interested in more details about my experience feel free to email me. I am happy to talk about it with you, as it is among the most important decisions I’ve made– truly a life changer.

    • Chloe says:

      What do you know about Lasik Plus and TLC–both are in my area and the TLC’s price is twice that of LasikPlus. Any reason for this that you know of?

      also, what do you about monovison lasik correction–have you heard of good or bad results with this generally ?

  9. PT says:


    I did Lasik with LasikPlus here in Dallas this past spring. Like Tim above, I suggest doing research on your particular doctor. I googled him and checked with the eye doctor associations website, etc. I made sure I was comfortable with him. I actually ended up being excited about working with him. He had just come from the military where he had done correction for pilots for ten years. I felt good about working with him.

    The actual procedure I had went just fine, although I was nervous. They cut the flaps with the blade (microkeratome?) and then let the lazer do its thing. I had some trouble with the suction on the left eye so I had some bruising the next week. While you don’t “feel” the pain of the operation, you still “feel” the cutting…mainly b/c the blade’s other parts run across your eye. Not to scare you, but just to make you aware…they say you won’t feel anything but pressure, but I felt the actual blade cutting. Weird feeling and difficult to fight through. Of course, there’s no way your going to move when it’s happening. So just be ready for it and brace yourself.

    My recommendation is to take the pain medication they give you when you leave the surgery and try to get to sleep as soon as possible. The eyes get very unconfortable in the few hours after the operation. I ended up staying up b/c I couldn’t get to sleep for the grit in my eyes. Feels like sand in your eyes. When I woke up the next morning all was good though. No discomfort and I could see excellent. Dryness has not been a major issue for me. I put drops in every morning when I wake up, and just make sure I’m always wearing sunglasses. Life is good in 20/20.

    Cost was around $3k. I had a mild to medium case of nearsightedness. I ended up going with the 18 mo no interest financing. We’re saving for a house so I wanted to hold onto my cash right now. I will pay off the care credit next spring.

    Good luck. Email me if you have anymore questions.

  10. mapgirl says:

    Hi Jim,

    I can recommend an excellent place by a doctor pioneering the technique from Johns Hopkins University’s eye center. She’s one of the best and has trained a lot of doctors in the procedure. My friends had it done with her 10 years ago at Hopkins and about 7 years ago at her private practice. They are both extremely happy with the work. I think it will be worth the drive for you. I’m thinking of going to her to get it done. It’s really far for me, but my vision is very important that I want it done properly and not at some chop shop I hear on the radio.

  11. Tim says:

    yes, don’t be a hero about the meds. take them, especially with PRK. PRK has longer recovery time and takes a little longer for vision to stabilize, so lasik has become more popular; however, some people that aren’t candidates for lasik can sometimes get PRK. lots of people simply ignore the doctor’s recommendation for recovery. Heed them and you will more than likely be fine.

    PT, you might want to ween yourself off of daily drops to allow your eyes to naturally lubricate. I’d use them only when you need them.

    lots of doctors now are only doing the surgery on friday’s so people have the weekend to recover rather than hopping right into work. I’d recommend this, too, after all they are your eyes.

  12. jake says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember hearing from a friend that the Air Force will only allow those with PRK corrective surgery to fly, and not Lasik.

  13. Jason says:

    I am going to Lasik Plus on the 31st of Aug. They told me I could come in the morning for the free exam and then come back in 3 to 4 hours and have the surgery….

    My question is, Will having my eyes dialated so soon before the surgery have any negitive effects on the surgery.

    Has anyone done the same day service????

    Has anyone had the surgery done at Lasik Plus in Rockville, MD???

  14. Kimberly says:

    I had Lasik done to both eyes this past Thursday. I went to Newman Lasik in Sacramento. He is a great doctor, very reputable and does the procedure many times each week. He uses the best machinery possible. I am very happy with my results.

    • phuong le says:

      hi can you tell me which type of lasik you done at newman lasik and how much it cost? thank you 4 your answer.

      • Alissa says:

        Hi there. I went to Newman Lasik earlier this month and am really happy. I shopped around quite a bit and everywhere else I felt like I was being sold a used car (i.e. if you do it today I’ll give you a special price . . .) But as soon as I walked into Newmans it was clean, professional, and I loved the staff, and especially Dr. Newman. His prices are reasonalbe too, cheaper than the used car places! I ended up opting for the wavefront with one year protection. I Think it ended up being around $2800. But non wavefront you can get for $899 an eye I think, I don’t have the info anymore. But their prices are very upfront, no sliding scale depending on your prescription which I think is cool. If you mention you heard about them on radio 94.7 they will give you $100 off.

  15. Malinda Huntsman says:

    Hello there.

    You might want to take a look at I too am located in Sacramento. The 20 questions page on helped with my decision to go with Griffin & Reed. I looked into Newman as well.


    • Sara says:

      Hey Malinda,

      Why G&R over Newman? I am scheduled for the procedure with Newman later this month and didn’t even go to G&R because they were double the price, making it more than I can even put away through my FSA plan…

      Just curious on your opionon of the one over the other…


      • maye says:

        did you go thru with dr.newman? please let me know. thinking about this dr. also reccomended by my bro & sis-n-law. How much was your procedure?

        • Alissa says:

          I commented above but wanted to make sure you got a reply as well. I am super happy with my decision of going to Dr. Newman. He is a great Dr. and I loved the staff and facility. Very clean and professional. I went with wavefront and I think it ended up being around $2800 for both eyes. Right now they will give you $100 off if you mention you hard about them on 94.7. I was completely satisfied and happy I didn’t pay double the price!

      • Eric says:

        Hi Sara,

        did you end up using Dr. Newman? how was your experience/results. Considering using him. Thanks. Eric

  16. Amanda says:


    Did you decide to go with LasikPlus in Rockville? Please let me know how it went, I’m scheduled for surgery on Thursday, Oct 11.

  17. Angie says:


    I am looking into using LasikPlus in Rockville. Your surgery was scheduled for October of last year. Can you tell me how it went? Who was your doctor?

  18. sam gray says:

    Has anyone who reads this page have any good/bad experiences with LasikPlus in Ft. Lauderdale area?

    I have a Dr. Kenneth Karp scheduled for August 14. 2008.

    While they scared the devil out of me saying I would be in deep trouble if I had an accident at night, my night vision is fine, so I think. I’ve driven across country, but it’s true I can’t read the street signs unless I am right next to them. Is that enough to be considered a danger? Is that enough to be considered having distance problems?

    Thanks for any answers

    • Shanna says:

      Hi Sam-

      I see that you had an appointment scheduled for 8/14/08 at lasik plus with kenneth karp…i have a consultation setup with them and was just wondering how your experience was?

      • Andrea says:

        Hi Shanna:

        I know you wrote on this forum quite awhile ago, but how did your procedure with Dr. Karp go? I am scheduled a few days from now with him. Please give me some feedback as I am very nervous! Thanks!

  19. Scott says:

    My dad is an opthalmologist and he recommends Epi-Lasik to people. No flap. It’s not as popular as regular Lasik because it takes a few days longer to heal, but it’s MUCH safer. Put up with the short-term discomfort of Epi-Lasik and avoid long-term permanent side effects that could result from regular Lasik.

  20. arun says:

    I am planning for a LASIk as i am suffering from myopia.Thanks for your information,i thought it was not much expensive but this makes me feel unhappy

  21. radhika says:

    I am interested to know about Lasik Procedure and its cost and the benefit for the same

  22. Chloe says:

    I’m looking too. What’s the going cost?

  23. Chloe says:

    Anyone know anything about Dr. Anthony Salierno in Wethersfield, CT– he’s a LasikPlus surgeon.

  24. Lynda says:

    I am scheduled a Newman LASIK in Sacramento this month. Can anyone who’s been there tell me about the prescription eye drops you need following the surgery? What are they and about how much do they run? Thanks!

    • Patti says:

      Hi Lynda,
      Did you get your Lasik done at Newmans in Sacramento yet? If so, would you recommend him? Thanks

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